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  1. A man stranded in the desert falls in love (like, romantic love) with a leopard. The product of a misguided director with money to burn, this is like a version of Castaway where Tom Hanks fucks the volleyball. https://youtu.be/BEiVgzckUyM
  2. Update: just sold my tickets. It felt wrong.
  3. Hey all! I bought tickets to the May 27th HDTGM show in January at Paramount in Austin, not realizing I hadn't 'saved the date' on a dear friends' wedding. Anyone interested in two seats for $80? (Bought for $41.30 each.) They're way up there in the balcony, but all can be seen and heard. I saw Comedy Bang Bang last year in the same section and didn't miss a beat. Send me a message if you're interested - show's coming up!