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    Roger & Me (1989)

    There are not a lot of documentaries in the canon, so why not discussing one of the most iconic documentarians of our time - Michael Moore. Love him or hate him, he's been an ubiquitous figure of American culture for over three decades. That's a level cultural cache that not many filmmakers in his field have managed to achieve despite being more critically acclaimed. Likewise, his directorial debut not only proves prescient and relevant in a post-Trump world but was also a game-changer as it changed the style of documentaries that have come since his debut. For those reasons alone, it's merits a canon discussion.
  2. Day by day, Minority Report has proven it's relevance in not just how well it predicted how the future will look but also the deterioration of civil liberties in a post-Patriot Act and post-Snowden world. I would also say Cruise isn't playing the stereotypical Cruise role and instead gives a very haunted performance.