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    A Talking Cat!?! (2013)

    I would love to hear y'all's input about this bizarre "family comedy" film, A Talking Cat!?! - its like Gooby but with less effort. Eric Roberts, famous for playing villainous characters, especially in Christopher Nolan's Batman, voices a magical talking cat who gives fleeting "advice" to various family members in a slurring deadpan. Eric Roberts' voiceover is almost enough to make it worth it because it is so clear he doesn't want to be doing it... that plus the lazy animation to make the cat "talk" would make it worth it. June's potential exploration of this family's "problems," Jason's questioning of this cat's voice acting and intentions (there's some puberty themes which - why are teenagers seeking advice from a cat? but Jason can answer those questions better) and Paul's ridiculing of the editing would make for a good episode. The movie is on amazon video and on youtube... Please do it! Also, the movie's title has that punctuation in it... the "!?!" is part of the title. I almost feel like that's enough to convince y'all.
  2. lilseltzer

    A Talking Cat!?! (2013)

    This perplexing family film (the "!?!" is part of the stylization of the title) is about a magical cat named Duffy (voiced by Eric Roberts, but it sounds like it was recorded over the phone) who can speak to a person once, but only once. The shots of a lazy, tubby cat with Robert's gravelly, villainous voice overdubbed make it worth it. The dialog "You can talk?!" "Yeeah, I'm a talking cat" is exchanged at least twice during the movie. ​It's available on Amazon Video. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/DnSUD3a18zo" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>