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    Simple Men

    Simple Men is on something called Vudu which I'm going to have faith is a real thing even if it sounds like it isn't. But I'm totally behind a Hartley off. Trust is a good choice.
  2. KayLeeMay


    Barbara Loden. 1970. Amazing! Must be discussed. Also on YouTube!
  3. KayLeeMay

    Simple Men

    I have a soft spot for Hal Hartley and I think one of his films should be put up for discussion. I chose this one from 1992. I think it's my favorite and maybe the Hartleyist.
  4. KayLeeMay

    My Name is Joe

    This is a movie I remember being very moved by and I will regularly cite it as one of my favorite films. It's a 1998 film from Ken Loach. I think the performance by Peter Mullan is one of the all time great movie performances. I feel like it's a little under appreciated particularly in the Loach filmography but it's one of his best films. Well worth the Canon!
  5. KayLeeMay

    Guest Suggest

    I know it should be suggestion but how good does Guest Suggest sound. It could catch on. You don't know! Emily Carmichael, She's writing and directing a film for Amblin and directing the adaptation for Lumberjanes. She's really smart and funny on the podcasts I've heard her on and would be amazing!! Demi Adejuyigbe, He's a super funny comedian and film lover. Would be perfect! Ana Lily Amirpour, She's incredibly passionate and insightful and would be awesome! Everyone should feel free to jump in with their suggestions but mine should be on first obviously. Since mine are the best suggest.