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    RSS feed down?

    I used to get the episodes from rss.earwolf.com/unspooled but that seems to be down now, is that right? I found an alternative feed so it's not a big deal, just wondering if it was a service that was withdrawn or if it's just some breakage on Earwolf's side.
  2. mjwilson

    Episode 162 - Scream (w/ Benjamin Lee)

    Maybe she means that the evil guys have a dumb plot? Or that the characters are dumb at the very end? Anyway, I wanted to say that the idea that James Bulger's killers mimicked a Child's Play film has, as far as I can tell, been debunked.
  3. mjwilson

    The Wizard Of Oz

    URLs have forward-slashes, not back-slashes.
  4. mjwilson

    Episode 136 - The Best of 2017

    Lady Bird hasn't been released yet in my neck of the woods. From the remaining candidates I'll go for The Florida Project (but honestly if I voted on a different day I might have gone for Get Out).
  5. Usually I listen to the podcast but don't get around to watching the film in time, so I rarely vote. However this time, with two films I know very well, I was gearing myself up to coming here and posting my opinion... ... however Graham was so clearly right that there's no point. Brian is a better film BUT if we can only put one major Python film into the canon, then it should be one that represents the nature of Python better, and that is Grail.