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  1. do you know who i am?
  2. rhysmakeswords

    Retweet my feet

    i want to be twitter famous
  3. I'm really struggling
  4. This one wont make it on even if Scott sees it
  5. I don't want the balloon anymore so please be my guest
  6. My name is Ozymandias, King of Booties
  7. is this an alt radio show or what
  8. Up above the world so high, in my pants I keep mud pie
  9. rhysmakeswords

    Eat me, baby

    this one did a number with my pals let me tell ya
  10. Red sky by night. That's bad probably. Red sky by morning. Normal I guess.
  11. I'm that bad type, looking like a crab type, gonna be a bisque type
  12. It's elementary my dear elementary school children
  13. Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? Asking for a friend
  14. Nicolas, like the Faraday Cage he was named after, is simply electric
  15. I don't watch movies with "sub" titles like "The Yellow Submarine" or "Submarine"