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    Episode 105 - Eraserhead vs. Blue Velvet (w/ Michael Nordine)

    Revisiting Eraserhead this weekend, I forgot how fully realized that world is. After it ended it took me a while to shake the movie off, which seems to be an increasingly rare feeling these days. The atmosphere and environment of Erasherhead is just so fully realized and incredibly suffocating that I was completely transported. I used to rank Blue Velvet higher in my favorite Lynch films, probably because it's one of the easiest to unpack and certainly a lot more fun to watch versus his more obscure and disturbing work a la Eraserhead. If the Canon is just a collection of movies that we can recommend to others and they will enjoy them, then Blue Velvet is the winner. This doesn't seem to be the intention though since how else does Cannibal Holocaust get on any list other than Worst Horror Movies? I'm going to assume the Canon is for important, unique films that paved the way for other filmmakers and are a representation of what cinema can achieve, so I'm going to have to submit my vote in for Eraserhead.