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    Never Too Young to Die (1986)

    Never Too Young To Die (1986) stars John Stamos as the gymnast son of a secret agent (George Lazenby). However, he doesn't even know his father is a secret agent. The film also includes Gene Simmons and Vanity. The movie is insanely ridiculous, but continuously entertaining and provides THE FUNNIEST seduction scene in cinema. You will never laugh so hard as to watch John Stamos trying to stop himself from being seduced by the actress Vanity (the Canadian singer who was involved with Prince). It involves dancing with a limp garden hose and multiple apples being eaten... need I say more?! Shout! Factory recently released this in Blu-ray, and I saw it for the first time and instantly knew this had to be reviewed by the Gang, especially June. Please do this movie, and if anyone reading this hasn't seen it, stop what you're doing and watch it now!!!!! https://youtu.be/UnoHa3H4EMI Edit: My bad, I didn't find this movie when I used the forum search tool but the moderator combined our threads... thanks!