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  1. Watching on Porn Hub gives the experience of this movie a little extra layer, because it feels exactly like a porn that has all the hardcore scenes cut out. The obvious things like the slow editing, grainy sound, bad acting are there... but also little details like the anonymous nature of most of the apartment sets, the bright daylight lighting, and the stark age and attractiveness gap between the 2 1/2 couples.

    Neil himself kind of comes off as the Ron Jeremy of non porn films.


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  2. On 1/4/2020 at 2:44 AM, Cam Bert said:

    There are lots of little things you can pick on in this film because it is clearly an amateur low budget production. Notably when he's in his hospital bed after being hit by the car there are lots of little things to point out. The fact it's clearly a spare bedroom (as Paul said hospitals don't have carpets), the fact none of the IV are hooked up or set up properly, the fact none of the equipment is on or why there are three oxygen tanks, or even why is there just a laptop in among all the medical equipment. These are all little things done with their limited space and budget to try and look hospital like. At least he was trying and put some thought into it.

    What I do take major issue with though is his face. So he's suffered major head trauma and they have made a special bandage for him which is literally just covering up half his face. Granted I'm not a doctor but I would think if you were to bandage the head you'd bandage it all and not make a special mask. Even if you were to make a mask I'm sure you'd make one that doesn't completely cover up both nostrils and the mouth. Surely if you did that you wouldn't then put a nasal oxygen tube on top of that bandage mask with no way to enter the nose thus rendering it useless. And in the far off chance that they do bandage the mouth and nose fully and place a nasal oxygen tube on top of it all, surely they wouldn't then put a full nose and mouth oxygen mask which covers no airways on top of all that that. Yet that's what he did. Those are the high level decisions that make Neil Breen perfect for HDTGM.

    I came here to say something about this...
    Seriously... could he actually breathe like this?


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  3. I coincidentally watched this movie this evening.

    This movie has a BIG nostalgic effect for me. It reminds me so much of childhood that I feel like I can almost smell it.

    Re the out-of-place Nightmare band: I actually enjoy the band being of a more modern time than the rest of the setting. I guess it's hard to put my finger on, but Waterville is like an Appalachian town that could have existed in 1977. In many ways more rural parts of the country hadn't modernized much by the late '70s and this old world and new world coexisted fairly accurately. The town had some modern aspects to it. Electricity. Cars. Snowmobiles. I assume this contrast was kind of part of the point.  One of the things I love about it though is how their version of modern and edgy is now over 40 years old and for me it has crossed over into quaint and classic. 

    It's like when the Darlings come into Mayberry? (That's a reference the kids are down with, right?)

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  4. 8 hours ago, Cam Bert said:

    Was anybody really confused seeing Joe Mantegna show up in court as a DA? Am I alone in this? I thought he was a detective up until that point. I mean maybe I need a lawyer in here to correct me but I'm pretty sure most DAs are far to busy to be showing up at crime scenes before there is even a suspect or before all the evidence has been collected. Not to mention following an investigation through every step of the way with the police and even conducting witness interrogation. Here I thought they sat in their office until a suspect had been arrested and evidence gather. At this point the case would be assigned to them and then they'd begin working on. Who am I to argue with this air tight and thoroughly researched script.

    This is an amazing point that I hadn’t thought of at all. The DA would not be going to a crime scene like that I’m fairly sure. 

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  5. Mantzoukas is totally right about Body Heat... which is a remake of Double Indemnity but since DI was made under the strict Hayes Code it could barely even hint at sex between Fred MacMurray and Barbara Stanwyck. The only thing that could even be a possible clue was that Barbara Stanwyk visits Fred MacMurray at his apartment, closes the door behind her and then there is a fade as if some time had passed and she exits the door. Soooo steamy!
    Body Heat takes that great plot and adds all the sex that should be happening between the two characters.
    The first sex scene between Dafoe and Madonna is pretty much a crappy remake of the first sex scene between John Hurt and Kathleen Turner in that movie.

    Unfortunately I can't find the complete scene on Youtube but it's HOT AF.

    Body Heat lead up to sex scene.

    It's real good y'all.

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  6. 1 hour ago, tay-loe anne photo said:

    Omg feuding Shadow Casts sounds amazing, but check to see if there are any that do them on Saturdays! Idk what part of the country you may be in (or if you are even in America at that) but I know here in Dallas there is one that literally does one weekly!

    I'm in Tennessee, and it's a big deal during Halloween, but I missed the window from what I can tell. It looks like the feuding casts were all performing last weekend, simultaneously. Typical.

  7. I was surprised to hear Berlioz's Symphony Fantastique as the recurring theme. I'm sure many of you recognize it?

    The part that was used in the movie is it's most famous movement (Dream of a Witches Sabbath). It starts at about 46:30 in the above video.

    Some of you guys may know this piece of music better from the Julia Robert's 1991 Sleeping with the Enemy... or this little known movie called The Shining.

    It seems like a strange choice to use in a 6th installment of a Bogeyman franchise when it was used in arguably the greatest horror movie of all time.


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  8. GUYS. I re-watched the movie this afternoon and I'm here to tell you mistake #1.


    Do you see what I see?

    Thom Mathews who plays Tommy is 6'3". With that information and looking at screenshots, it looks like someone buried Jason a whopping 3 feet underground. That's right guys, Martin, the drunken groundskeeper can squarely be blamed for this entire fiasco. He might be a "damn high school graduate" but I think he must've flunked math and or geometry. Either that or while digging a hole, shitfaced and stumbling, he got to about knee deep and said Fuck it. "Burying this unstoppable, serial killing machine in a shallow, badly sealed grave will never come back to haunt me."

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  9. Holy shit guys... I had that clue  VCR game.
    During the Drop Dead Fred episode I remember noting that Jason had it all wrong with the Clue quote and I'm pretty sure someone on the board pointed it out, so I let it go. The Tim Curry Clue movie is one of my top 10 desert island favorites, so I knew Jason's quote was wrong and I figured he had just gotten it mixed up with Haunted Honeymoon or something. 

    Since there was a lot of love for Clue in our house, my mom bought my brothers and I the VCR game. I never played the game but I watched the dumb video a million times. I remember a lot of images but not many details, like Mr. Green having a business card that just said "Business" and when asked what kind of business he was in he would say something like "None of your business."

    There was a even a sequel, which we also had.

    Paul (and the comment submitter) pretty much cracked my brain open today because I had not given it one thought in about 30 years. Childhood memories UNLOCKED.



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  10. Ok. So good news and bad news: Bad news is that I have a Mac and apparently streaming Mac audio is tricky. I can't figure out how to make it happen at the moment but I'm working on it.
    The good news is that anyone with a PC may have better luck streaming for the group, so Kast may still be a viable option.

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  11. 2 minutes ago, tomspanks said:

    @PollyDarton I read some stuff on the internet that there have been some log-in issues with Kast like passwords or activation codes being sent to randoms - have you encountered any issues?

    I have not. I was able to get an account and activate with no problems.
    I don't know anything about the password thing.

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  12. The calls that are extremely similar to posts have bothered me for awhile.
    I don't really believe it's malicious, but it does kind of feel like if you have a really excellent point and a caller makes the same point, the caller is going to get preference on the minisode all in an effort to make the episode more dynamic... and that kinda sucks.

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  13. 11 hours ago, DrGuts1003 said:

    Perhaps it is explained better in the novel, but within the context of this movie the reveal that “A Friend” is the son of the other female employee who gets the promotion at the end of the film makes no sense.

    There are several scenes where Michael Douglas gets an email referencing things that just recently happened and would only have been known by someone who was near Douglas and working for the company.

    How is a student at the University of Washington aware of any of these happenings?  And, more importantly, why would he care?

    It even strains believability to assume his mom is telling him what to write in these emails.

    And not only that, but I assumed that when someone signed "A Friend" that they were just being cheeky, but no... it turns out it's actually been sent from "Arthur Friend's" email. As if to say you could only sign an email with the name that matches your email address?

    But yeah I figure the kid's mom was telling him what to write, especially since she says something in the beginning about being really close to him or talking to him a lot or something? It's a weird reveal that makes very little sense.

    And why do his kids sign their cutesy email at the very end as "A Famiily"? Do they know about "A Friend"?

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  14. Let's talk Corridor y'all:

    During the climax of the movie, Tom cannot access sensitive business files because his security status has been knocked down to an entry level employee. Since he can't get in on his computer, he goes to where the demo for the Corridor is set up in the Conley's hotel suite. Why in the world would Arcamax allow the guys, who are potentially trying to merge with their company, have such high access? Or why do they keep their actual private business fiiles in the Corridor at all? That seems like it would not be terribly prudent during a negotiation period.

    Regardless, Tom accesses the pertinent files while Meredith at the same time has decided to log on in her office and delete incriminating files. Why now? Why not right after these video recordings were made... you know... the videos of private phone calls where two parties are openly talking about sabotaging a colleague. That's like white collar prison type shit.

    All of this leads to the true Ridiculous of this movie: When Meredith shows up as an extra from Dire Strait's Money For Nothing video.

    She is represented as a physical body in the Corridor itself, stalking Tom like Michael Meyers. There's even a jump scare noise. WTF and Whhhhhyyyyy?

    What if... Donald Sutherland (or ANYONE) just so happened to be hanging out in the Corridor in this moment ... wouldn't they see her deleting shit?

    That ain't workin... that's the way you do it... get your money for nothing, and your chicks for free...


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  15. 11 hours ago, taylorannephoto said:

    Polly why have we never discussed photo stuff!? Is that a Nikon I spy!? Cause I am a Nikon bitch through and through!!!

    It's Nikon D90 with a 20-200 lens. I have a cool portrait lens, too, but I'm not much of an equipment junkie. I work for a theatre and I help them do a lot of different photo projects, mainly their marketing photography. It's an odd little part of my job and I wish I did more than I do. Photography is my jam though and have been doing it since I was a kid.
    This is one of the photos I took that day.


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