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    Galaxy of Terror (1981)

    I love this movie more than any Alien movie past Aliens. It's got Sid Haig as a mute warrior in it, it's got Erin Moran in it and it's just unabashedly slimy and scummy. All the right ingredients for a movie to just zone out to. 5 STARS.
  2. bandsaboutmovies

    Sudden Death (1995)

    Being a Pittsburgh native, this film is legendary here, rivaled only Striking Distance for cultural relevance. The reason they were able to get so many legendary Pens in there is two-fold: the league was on strike and the owner's wife wrote the script as a way to get herself started in Hollywood. There weren't enough fans in the game scenes, which originally were Chicago and Pittsburgh, but post-strike used the Johnstown Chiefs and Wheeling Thunderbirds, so if you go back and watch, most of the crowd are cardboard cutouts. Once you know that, you can't not see it. It takes over the screen. There's a novelization that Powers Booth did the audiobook for that I've been obsessed with finding.
  3. bandsaboutmovies

    Episode 164 - The Wraith: LIVE!

    Obviously, Skank is an early adopter of the Death Race, as seen in Death Race 2000 (and the inferior sequels and remakes). Paul should totally rewatch Condorman. How often do you get to see Michael Crawford -- the Phantom of the Singing Opera -- play superhero in a movie with Oliver Reed?