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  1. I moved to Georgia a year ago to do research on the coast, I haven't seen any pirates or bears, and I've only seen a few Jeeps. I obviously haven't been living my life to the fullest. The Six-Pack Pete song made me laugh so loud that my labmate thought I made a weird sound and asked me what was wrong
  2. The obnoxious/incompetent Chili's employees were just amazing. The nice thing about musical improv (or just musicals in general) is that the songs are structurally setup so that other improvisers can pick up the chorus or anticipate an upcoming word so they can join in. I found myself joining in on the choruses, making my long drive home last night much more entertaining
  3. Wow, the first song both blew me away and crushed my dreams. Excuse me while I find my own way home. I'm hoping for some Spontaneanation regulars will pop in since some of them are really gung-ho about musical improv, like Shulie Cowen. Also, thank you Jessica and Zach for creating this podcast! For some reason I don't like most musicals, but if it's an improvised musical then I'm so freakin' excited.
  4. Yes to this! The previous solo with Craig Cackowski was also amazing. I vote for Colleen Smith as the next solo guest/improviser.
  5. It might be a record, if not pretty close. Jason Mantzoukas' reaction to the five month release was pretty memorable. I think PFT was banking episodes at the time to prep for the Comedy Bang Bang tour. Recently on Twitter he's seems to be picking up the recording pace again. I'm so happy that Hal Lublin is back, not that he's been absent from my hears because of his We Got This podcast. I'm also so looking forward to Mark Gagliardi's return, two years his first.
  6. Go see The Big Sick! It's really good! It's very sweet and very funny, with an awesome cast (especially Holly Hunter). My only disappointment is that Emily Gordon doesn't play herself.
  7. Oh! I forgot to look at the photos this week! I listened to the entire episode again and Ennis Esmer does say mutter "Tallman's mom," which I missed the first time.
  8. I love the Underwater Mountain Men, but Jean Villepique's Underwater Plains People made the improv extra special. And Chris Tallman! I miss him!
  9. It's been my secret wish for Emily and Kumail to return as guests together. I'm looking forward to their movie! I love Dan Ahdoot as the mom, but several times I accidentally imagined the characters at a donut factory instead of a highway.
  10. I read the wiki page after listening to the improv three times. Let me tell you, the wiki page is all lies! No mention of talking horses or people becoming convinced that singers are always singing love songs about them. I've been a lurker since the first episode, and this fantastic episode finally got me to comment here. I feel bad that as much as I love the improv I had trouble telling the improvisors apart. They were all new to Spont and all doing crazy accents!