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    Podcast Edit: Transcription

    To all podcasters here, I have some helpful tips for you. If you are working with Adobe Audition, the audio editing software commonly used to put together podcasts, you can now transcribe your interviews in Simon Says and directly import the bookmarked clips, or even the entire media file organized into clips, into your post production software. To see how, read more here: https://blog.simonsays.ai/adobe-audition-export-your-transcripts-from-simon-says-directly-into-audition-fcc878dea1e6
  2. ritz_simonsays

    Needs Transcription Service?

    Hi everyone! I've been working in non-fiction production for a few years and my team and I got tired of how slow, frustrating and expensive transcription is. So we ran some tests by applying speech recognition to audio and video files and it worked great. It's amazing when you can get back transcription immediately with pretty good accuracy! We've now built Simon Says (https://simonsays.ai), a website for automated transcription and we are looking for users to test the site and give us feedback. I am looking for 10 users to try the beta site. If you have transcription needs, let me know. Thanks Ritz