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  1. Constable Hospital lost her Abominable Vegetable to an Infestation of her own Creation - Chipmunks!
  2. Feathers McGraw

    Episode 219 - Drop Dead Fred: LIVE! (w/ Casey Wilson)

    I think Team Sanity sees the movie for what it is, and Team Fred sees it for what it is trying to be. That said, I'm Team Fred. I love a good story about letting out the animal side of the brain. There's a Fred inside everyone, not just every child - a Fred who wants to break out of its shell, throw shit at people, talk about farting, let loose. The film is not only about patriarchy, it is about civilization inhibiting humans from being and doing what they really wish to be. Civilization is a facade. All we're doing is fooling ourselves. We are animals. We're monkeys wearing tuxedos, and we need to be mentally broken to prevent us from tearing the tuxedo off and truly freeing ourselves. This movie is transcendentalist. Jason knows it - he invoked Walt Whitman when he said we contain multitudes.