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  1. HEY GUYS! I need a little bit of help, if you don't mind. I was listening to Improv4huamans a few months back, and I came upon this funny episode/sketch that had something to do with Southern hospitality, and I think something about pie lololol Anyway, I have searched highHHH and loWwwww, but I can't seem to find this "secret" episode (not really a secret haha) I remember someone in the sketch saying like a long exaggerated, "whO MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE???" CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME FIND THIS EPISODE SO PEACE BE WITH ME LMAO
  2. Greetings! This has been a subject Matt has talked about before when he played Shane Dawson's videos on improv4humans. I just thought I would bring another youtuber to his attention because not only does this youtuber make videos, but he also has a brand new podcast that just came out and is topping the charts of comedy. The youtuber is David Dobrik. I have linked a video.