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  1. Is it just me or does Neil Breen look like a Gary Shandler version of the bug infested Vicent D'onofrio character in "Men In Black?"
  2. I wanted to point out that when we first see Vickie looking in the mirror she is wearing a cross. Then at the first diner scene her awful boyfriend gives her the exact same thing. I she a collector of crucifixes or something. Also in the second diner scene how and why did Craig change his clothes and get his hair cut between leaving Vickie's house and getting to the diner?
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    I wanted Paul to know that his assessment of Ryan's Coogler's vision of Creed was spot on. I worked as the location scout on Creed and we had almost the exact conversation about Creed seeing the other, non-white, neighborhoods and places of Philadelphia in the film. In fact for Adonis and Bianca's date scene I searched for Chinese restaurants all over West and North Philly until we found Max's, which is a predominantly African American visited cheesesteak place in North Philadelphia, as opposed to the more famous and more white visited Geno's and Pat's steakhouses in South Philadelphia.
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    Episode 168 - Hard Ticket to Hawaii: LIVE!

    Here is a possible explanation to all of the cameo roles and scenes that seem to go nowhere in this film. I started working in the film industry in the mid-eighties and I worked on a number of movies like "Hard Ticket to Hawaii." They were extremely low budget drama/horror films that had to have violence and of course, boobies!!!; in order to sell the video rights to Europe and Asia. To save money on these shows, the producers would hand out SAG cards to people who would lease us expensive things that we could use in the show like cars, boats, helicopters and even in some cases, locations. In order to do this the car/boat/helicopter/home owner needed to be in a scene with a speaking part. This would mean that the production company would need to pay a fine to the Screen Actors Guild for not using a SAG actor in a speaking role, but the fine was a lot less than the cost of renting a plane, boat or helicopter. I once got a yacht for getting the owner SAG card on a film. Now usually these scenes ended up on the cutting room floor but I guess Mr. Sidaris said "fuck it! I need more running time on this show!" So he left the scenes in. One anti-movie trope that Mr. Sidaris does is that unlike most low budget films i.e. "Chopping Mall" and many other films like, if you show your tits in a Andy Sidaris film there is a very good chance that you will survive to the end of the film. PS: I know you have a lot of shows on your list already but here is a brief list of some of the awful films that I have worked on. Here is a really bad show that I worked on. If you'd like more I would be happy to send them to you. Dangerous Love
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    Episode 165 - Ninja Terminator: LIVE!

    I know there is only so much you can talk about in an hour show but why didn't anyone discuss the kidnapping scene? Also, for a movie that seemed to have no time to show or how characters got from place to place let alone what they were doing there, Godfrey Ho seemed to take up a lot a screen time showing us how to turn on and load a tape cassette into a VCR.