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    Episode 108 - The Driver (w/ Edgar Wright)

    One thing occurred to me as I was listening again. I wonder how crazy the set of Nightcrawler got. If we're talking 4am decisions, there must have been plenty of them. BTW, it was Isabelle Adjani's birthday yesterday.
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    Episode 108 - The Driver (w/ Edgar Wright)

    I like the film, but it's not Hill's best. The history of the film is a good discussion point, but I don't think Wright did a compelling job of judging the film on its' own merits. I found him struggling to provide another answer of why it's worthy that didn't feel overly sentimental. I kind of agree with Amy on that the characters don't feel fully fleshed out. I'm not saying the show should be a litigious slog, but John Fugelsang made such a great case for John Waters that felt simultaneously personal and logical. It's good to see how it influenced other great work, like Heat and Drive. I'd rather see the Warriors or one of Hill's other works get the recognition, like the Warriors, The Long Riders or Southern Comfort. I wonder how Hill's recent film plays against the narrative of being ahead of the curve in terms of a progressive/regressive attitude. Hill has caught a lot of flack.