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  1. From Milwaukee and currently live in Madison, was pleasantly surprised to hear from a fellow Wisconsinite on this episode! Great show as always and next time you tour in the area please stop in Madison rather than Milwaukee! It is a much more liberal atmosphere here and I'm sure you would have a big turnout
  2. Finally found it after doing another listen to the older episodes. It is episode 152 (High-Pitched Caveman) if anyone is wondering. Also, not Pamela Anderson in the sketch. It was Marissa Marriott.
  3. Hi forum. I've been trying to find the I4H episode where they have a Pamela Anderson skit (or some other rich, famous white girl)? I thought the person playing Pamela was Brian Huskey but I've had no luck so far going through the old episodes and re-listening to them. From what I remember of the bit Pamela Anderson does some manual labor work on a farm, talks about doing cocaine, and I want to say there was something about the flying monkeys from The Wizard of Oz?? Whoever it was that played Pam Anderson did a hilarious voice impression and I remember laughing my ass off throughout the whole thing. Any help would be appreciated in identifying which episode this was from!!