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  1. Call Waiting for Godot

    I'm a frisky little biscuit....

    I'm a frisky little biscuit when it comes to Arby's Cheesy Brisket
  2. Call Waiting for Godot

    A watched pot....

    A watched pot never boils but if you see something say something, fellow citizens.
  3. Call Waiting for Godot

    Take one Andy....

    Take one Andy, thrice Daly.
  4. I just watched "Kramer vs Kramer" and Michael Richards doesn't even make a cameo! BAIT AND SWITCH!!! SAD!!! ZERO STARS!!!
  5. Call Waiting for Godot

    ...the chicken or the egg?

    Cluck me, daddy! Cluck me! The chicken or the egg, the chicken or the egg.... ooooo, I came first!
  6. Call Waiting for Godot

    The missus and I.....

    The missus and I always summer atop the paywall. You must try it; it's simply divine!
  7. Call Waiting for Godot

    After a grueling legal battle....

    After a grueling legal battle with heartbreaking witness testimony, the judge reached a conclusion... time to binge the hell out of RuPaul's Drag Race: Season 9!
  8. Call Waiting for Godot

    Although relieved to learn.....

    Although relieved to learn he wasn't having a stroke, the flames of the burning toast quickly consumed him.
  9. Call Waiting for Godot

    I want my money back.....

    I just read "The Sound and the Fury" but couldn't hear a goddamn thing. Faulkner? More like FAKE-NER! ZERO STARS.
  10. I've finally gotten to a place where I can laugh about it, but that mime corpse absolutely ruined my carpet. I loved that carpet.
  11. Call Waiting for Godot

    Are you jerkin' my......

    Are you jerkin' my gherkin or are we in a real pickle here?
  12. A full moon turns me into a werewolf, but a waxing gibbous moon turns me into a waxy gibbon.
  13. Call Waiting for Godot

    I know it's shitty....

    I know it's shitty, Margaret, but it is a toilet for god's sake.
  14. The actress admirably focused on not breaking the "fourth wall", but not even that could save her from the fatal sinkhole.
  15. "Cause suicide is painless, it brings on many changes" she whispered, gently leading me into that steamy Korean night. And now I've got warts that look like bad kimchi all over my downstairs.
  16. Call Waiting for Godot

    Was ist los, Hotdog?

    Was ist los, Hotdog?
  17. Loneliness is a dish best served for one
  18. Amelia Earhart's back, but this time she's got a six-pack and a roundhouse kick that can't say no
  19. Scotty Baby's Semi-Seasonal Suppositories now on sale in the lobby!
  20. Lightning never strikes twice, but a toaster in the tub always cooks my goose!
  21. Hottie gettin' naughty on a Squatty Potty!
  22. A spokesman has confirmed, "The mohel got a boil by sticking his own bone in the oily calzone."