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    Episode 172.5 - Minisode 172.5

    Could Paul, on one Minisode, do a segment where he improves the world from a position of pervasive all knowing divinity, and call it: Corrections & Omniscience?
  2. RickBTenPercent

    Psychomania (1973)

    It's a copy on YouTube, their liability not mine, yours, or earwolf's. I would never link to a known pirated streaming site.
  3. RickBTenPercent

    Psychomania (1973)

    Psychomania: pagan/satanic magic reanimates biker gang to wreak terror in English village to psychedelic soundtrack!
  4. RickBTenPercent

    Episode 166 - Timecop: LIVE!

    Hello, first time posting here. I was aware of this film but not watched it until now: It’s cobblers. 1. All the schemes to be rich are massively overly complex. Compound interest over a few centuries is much easier. Just make a bank deposit in the bank of England in the 17th century. Bingo, you are a billionaire. You don’t even have to read Piketty. 2. Gloria Reuben was shot twice in the upper body, but I agree with June, she was pretty well much dead. 3. Splits: I suggest it is the other way around, not that JCVD is being contracted to do splits and is not keen, instead he is always trying to crow bar in splits to any and all of his movies, See the making of Predator. This bodes ill for June if HDTGM do further JVCD movies (and hey if they must, Universal Soldier, it has Dolph Lundgren too and is by the director of Independence Day and disaster fan Roland Emmerich but... the franchise has been going so long Peter Hyams’ -director of Timecop- son is directing the last few and Peter was DoP for one). 4. Hyams also made an adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s A Sound of Thunder which also had some...um, shall we say... debatable time travel plotting. And finally, a still from Psychomania in the hope it tickles the fancy of HDTGM enough to do it (yes I’ll put a suggestion in the proper thread too, but hey, pagan/satanic magic reanimates biker gang to wreak terror in English village to psychedelic soundtrack!)