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    Episode 166.5 - Minisode 166.5

    I watched the movie last week and, in reading this thread I realsie I have already forgotten just how batshit it is...I think I need a rewatch before the podcast is released.....glutton for self abuse???
  2. If the Sbarro deal is 3.99 for 'all you can eat', why does the guy say they owe more money after they go up for their second tray full of slops????? All you can eat means as much as you can possibly eat....nowhere does it say that this is limited to how much food you can fit on a tray or that you will be charged 'per tray'
  3. InABraaah

    Episode 166 - Timecop: LIVE!

    :lol: What a tagline..... ''No matter where you go, there you are....but if you touch yourself you'll turn into a tomato sauce beast''
  4. InABraaah

    Episode 165 - Ninja Terminator: LIVE!

    Thank god someone else brought up the ending!! Is that a Ninja thing?! No no it absolutely is not. It reminded me of the feeling I got years ago when a friend showed me Dead or Alive by Takashi Miike. Its a good film, great fairly normal violence until you get to the final fight when
  5. InABraaah

    Episode 166 - Timecop: LIVE!

    This has been twisting my mind to such an extent that I couldn't ever quite keep the thread of my thoughts going but you have unravelled my confusion. I knew it didn't really make sense and was trying to come up with a more accurate sensible way they could have phrased it: Two versions of the same matter can't occupy the same space? That doesn't work becasue if there are two versions, then it is by definition NOT the 'same' matter. Matter can't be doubled in the same space? No that's just a terrible line for a movie....although too terrible for this movie?? Matter that is....? If there are two versions of.....? ah Fuck it....then I drifted into a trance. So thanks!
  6. InABraaah

    Episode 166 - Timecop: LIVE!

    I think it looks like a stone cold smash!
  7. InABraaah

    Episode 166 - Timecop: LIVE!

    The answer to the question is 'No, they don't have time-period squads', as evidenced by JCVD sauntering into the stock broker's office in his 1994 TEC costume...... BUT.... They should definitely have done your idea - the spin-off potential is incredible just look at all the frickin' CSIs there are!!! You should immediately start writing TimeCop 1920s, TimeCop WW1, TimeCop WW2, TimeCop Summer of Love etc etc etc etc etc and send them ALL to JCVD GENIUS!!
  8. InABraaah

    Episode 166 - Timecop: LIVE!

    First time poster - Hey everyone! Although there clearly are many thngs to be confused or brain-melted about in this movie, I cannot get over just how big the back yard is at TimeCop's house. He is walking/stalking through that thing for ages....it even begins to look like the friggin jungle from Predator after a while. How does he have a suburban street mansion house, which has neighbouring properties but which has acres of garden....that appear to have the clothes line miles and miles away from the back door??? (Aside from the other question about this scene which is why exactly he abandons them to the fight at the house)