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  1. Maybe I'm heartless but Midnight Cowboy just did not hit me. While the performances were individually good I didn't see Joe and Rico have a true connection. On the other hand the relationship between Butch and Sundance seems seamless. The dialogue never seems to get old for me, and for some reason the bicycle scene works. Easy vote for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
  2. Voting at 17-17... Well I had to go with Philadelphia Story to break the tie. I think Katherine Hepburn's performance was just fantastic, and I found myself laughing out loud more with Philadelphia Story than His Girl Friday.
  3. I've seen the first movie so many times that I just rewatched part 2 and part 3 back to back. I seem to only ever remember the first 20m of part 2. The rest always seems to slip from my mind. I like the idea of revisiting the events from the first film, but I think it could have been done better. I love the third movie because I like western's, and I think it was a fun way to conclude the trilogy. I think it relies on too many references back to the first, and the overall story isn't as well written as the first two. My vote is for 1 Only.
  4. I agree with everyone above. I never quite understood why so many people like Part 2. I'll rewatch it tonight because it's the one I remember the least. I like Part 3 as a fun western movie, and find myself watching it more.
  5. raz

    Episode 126 - The Brood (w/ Kier-La Janisse)

    My vote is No. I had never seen The Brood before. I appreciated the psychological themes that were discussed in the episode, and really enjoyed it. I thought the pacing was patient and something that horror films today lack. However, the rest of the film is simply fine. Nothing really stands out to me that would make me want to watch it again, or discuss it with others.
  6. raz

    Episode 121 - The Matrix (w/ Cameron Esposito)

    I was disappointed in how little the Matrix was actually talked about in this episode, especially taking out all the references to the Reloaded and Revolutions. Yes for me. I think there's something to be said when a piece of art can be written well enough that it can be interpreted in many ways. The special effects were ground breaking, and while there is CGI they're usually used just for environmental effect. There are plenty of practical effects which make the action real. The way that sound is used to tie everything together really brings this home for me. It did win 4 Oscars in those departments.
  7. As I was watching this movie I couldn't understand why it was nominated for The Canon. Then I listened to the episode, and was relieved that I hadn't missed something. I felt like I was watching a poorly written David Lynch film. I don't think that discussion alone should put a movie into the Canon.
  8. raz

    Episode 118 - Real Life (w/ Jason Zinoman)

    I had never seen this move before, and I was really disappointed. Albert Brooks and Charles Grodin put on some great performances, but I just didn't buy in to the rest of the cast. Some of the plot points seemed forced, and just didn't work for me. I did think that the entire opening sequence was fantastic at portraying spectacle and misdirection which does seem very relevant to today.
  9. raz

    Episode 116 - Seconds (w/ Matt Zoller Seitz)

    I felt the same way about Seconds as I did about Stepford Wives. I was happy to see both films, but thought they both feel a bit incomplete. However, if Stepford Wives is in the Canon then I don't see how I couldn't put Seconds in the Canon.