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  1. Oldschoolways1 argues that the existence of Hot Fuzz prevents a vote for Shaun of the Dead... and yet recommends a vote for Zodiac in spite of the existence of Fight Club and Se7en.


    I would agree that Shaun of the Dead is not Edgar Wright's best movie, but it is his most influential. A love letter to the zombie genre and the inspiration for a return to horror/zombie comedies spawning numerous inferior knockoffs.


    Zodiac, by comparison, did not generally capture the imagination like his hit film Se7en or his cult hit Fight Club. I generally only ever hear praise for Zodiac from aspiring filmmakers. As a piece of art/entertainment I personally find Zodiac very slow and plodding, so I presume it must be cinematography and shot composition that the film buffs find so impressive.


    Magnolia is the crazy film with the rain of frogs where all the actors randomly burst into song, right? You want to pick THAT over one of the most influential comedy movies and most influential zombie movies of that decade?


    Actually Abe Froman said that and I agreed (and on reflection I do not agree that Social Network is better, that Sorkin script kills it for me, not a big fan of that movie. For me, Zodiac is Fincher's best).


    FWIW I think Zodiac is far better than Se7en. Zodiac vs. Fight Club is an interesting one, I think Zodiac is a more mature movie in the end and probably holds up better (I've also watched Zodiac more recently but I think I'd find Fight Club a little glib and nihilistic these days. Still good but probably not as much as I used to like it). Zodiac to me was plenty tense, in particular the scenes with the killer and with Gyllenhaal in that guy's basement. It was a very earned, slow-burn tension.


    Anyway bottom line I think Zodiac is better than Shaun of the Dead (and both are better than Magnolia, since Magnolia is just overstuffed, though there is a lot of good stuff in there). If it were Zodiac vs. Hot Fuzz I'd have a hard time choosing. If it were There Will Be Blood vs. Zodiac vs. Hot Fuzz well, I'd go with There Will Be Blood. But it's Zodiac vs. Shaun vs. Magnolia so for me it's easily Zodiac. I like Shaun and Magnolia but don't love them, Zodiac I think is really excellent.

  2. 100% agree with all of this.


    Zodiac all the way.


    Even though I'm a huge Edgar Wright fan, I can't cast my vote for Shaun when Hot Fuzz exists. Hot Fuzz is the perfect distillation of Wright's sensibilities as well as a seamless combo of action and comedy. In fact, Hot Fuzz is vastly superior to many of the action "classics" that he pays homage to in the film. Every viewing reveals a new joke and unlike the Apatow comedy factory, it is deftly plotted. No unnecessary riffing or improv here.


    Magnolia is PTA at his most pretentious. Even he is on the record that an hour needs to be cut from the film. Boogie Nights is far more Canon-worthy PTA.


    Zodiac is not Fincher's best film (that would be Social Network), but it is firmly in his Top 3. It also might be his most personal film as he grew up in the area during the Zodiac killings. Zodiac just might be his definitive statement on obsession in a career of films that focus on obsession. The ensemble acting, period design, cinematography and canny use of CGI are all incredible. It got zero recognition from the Academy and deserves to be in the conversation of truly great films from 00-10.