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  1. I’m so glad Engineer Devon tipped me off to the “Ads Version Hollywood Handbook”. No more juggling apps, thanks Devon! Although this was perhaps the worst possible timing, if the boys are being forced to abandon their hilarious Santa Man/Moriarty/Elf Giles characters. Wait, I misspoke, Kevin isn’t one of The Boys...or is he? Hell, Bang Rodgman is practically one of the boys at this point. Anyways, I hit the skip forward and backward buttons just like you told me and the episode sounded like shit. I dunno how many more phones I can buy if you’re gonna keep making episodes like this.
  2. WarAndBuffet

    Episode 270 - Adam Pally, Our Bumper Recorder Part 2

    Is there no Pro Version forum? I have so many questions about that contract negotiation. The Boys have taken shots at Earwolf before but this seemed genuinely confrontational.
  3. Woohoo!! Contractually obligated episodes!!! Oy Colin, bloody good job locking up dem boys into they's contracts. 'Ere's 'oping fo' the same feigned finale publicity stunt dis time next year!
  4. The boys do the best ads - pretty much the only commercials I won't skip through. Though I'm sure some advertisers probably don't care for their wild tangents...yea I'm talking about YOU Five Four clothing!
  5. WarAndBuffet

    Episode 195 - Spencer Crittenden, Our Close Friend

    Greggy, you're not exactly filling me with confidence. Especially with this Hollywood Masterclass going on, I fear for the end of HH. Even though I've loved Bang Rodgeman on previous episodes, I can't get enough of the show as it is, as much as it baffles my loved ones when I try to describe it to them.
  6. WarAndBuffet

    Episode 195 - Spencer Crittenden, Our Close Friend

    What-up what-up, Handbook Heads? I'm a big sweetie who has been listening for years and finally put down his hamburger samwich long enough to get on the forum. Loving today's episode so far but I don't like this running joke where Sean and Hayes say the show is ending. Can someone assure me that they ARE actually joking?