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  1. You don't gotta make a monkey outta me, Mister Scientist. Evolution got there first.
  2. If I've said it pleven, I've said it kapleven times, kevin! Put the bijorkahjork down after you shit the brick
  3. Look, don't get the wrong idea, I hate your cooking
  4. Maybe I'm an old fashioned butt, but I don't see the big deal about pesticides on our food.
  5. These nips aren't on tap unless you pay me first
  6. I'm a man, you're a woman, let's move our bed closer to the oven
  7. Once a beatles, twice a beatle-- not so fast Pete Best
  8. I don't give a shit until I eat at least my weight in spam
  9. Honey! Did you cook my penis instead of a turkey again?
  10. The north remembers what the south forgets, the killer knows what you did last summer
  11. Dreams are just our brains telling all of us suggestions for murder targets
  12. The young eat the old, said Billy Bip Bop as he whittled his log
  13. I don't think you heard me the first time: NO FLIPS. NO FLOPS.
  14. What I wouldn't DO to get my hand on Bond villain Oddjob's resume
  15. Look, I got a vein, I got blood, I'm just like you, so hand over your wallet