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    Episode 167 - Chopping Mall: LIVE!

    The question of mall crime is brought up in this episode. A small study was done in 1978 (8 years prior to the film) about security at malls across the United States. 263 shopping centers were surveyed in this study and they reported the following about crime. 路 56 malls reported 2,851 cases of shoplifting. 路 73 malls reported 1,983 cases of parking lot thefts. 路 38 malls reported 175 cases of customer robberies. 路 30 malls reported 148 cases of sex offenses. 路 32 malls reported 109 cases of assault. 路 23 malls reported 51 cases of store hold ups. 路 33 malls reported 805 unspecified cases. The most prevalent cases deal with theft, and by breaking down the cases per mall there are 50+ cases of shoplifting, 27+ cases of parking lot theft, and 4+ cases of customer robberies in 1 year. The more extreme cases, such as sex offenses and assault, are less frequent at 4+ and 3+ within the year. In conclusion, crime is common in shopping centers. In a 1-year time there were 6,122 reported crimes by 263 malls. That is an average of 23+ crimes per year. Now, being a relatively small study, this cannot be seen as a full view of crime in shopping malls during this time, but it does show that killer robots may not be the necessary solution. Link to study - https://www.ncjrs.gov/pdffiles1/Digitization/47831NCJRS.pdf