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  1. I want to talk about Nicholson and Zacharek together. I found the duo enchanting. Such a pleasure to hear smart commentary through the eyes of women devoted to film making and movies. This is rare and a true revelation. I found myself listening and thinking, "Yes, I know what you mean." They found points of interest in context new and old, film and reality, gender and class; and always a distinct female, yes feminist, sensibility. I have to say I liked the girlishness of their voices and laughter and pleasure together - a quality under-appreciated in general, if not downright disparaged. Nicholson picked the perfect two films and filmmaker (Sofia Coppola) for this very special episode. Obviously, I was wowed. So much so, I knew I had to figure out this convoluted website to register and post an appreciation of Amy Nicholson. And then I wondered, 40 years ago would Amy have been a Paulette? She wasn't the girlish type, but boy could she think!