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  1. Seth's made up Canadian phrases: Saskatchewan Goodnight New Brunswick Hover Canadian Blowjob Manitoba Menthol
  2. Why did Mary Lou get to put her Glamour Shot in the yearbook?
  3. At first I thought that the actor playing young Michael Ironside was actually Michael Ironside as a young actor, I had to look and see what he looked like in the mid 80's. It was a bit confusing
  4. Maybe Buddy Christ and Father Buddy Cooper hang out and are buddies!!!
  5. After the Vicki and Father Cooper scene in the grave yard, we cut to Father Cooper performing some sort of Exorcism in the church. He chants "The body of Christ compels you!" multiple times, but it sounds more like "The Buddy of Christ compels you!" which is crazy because his nickname is Buddy. So he (Buddy) is asking Christ (as his buddy) to compel the evil spirit away.
  6. TechTheatreProf

    Celebrate #HDTGM200 !!!

    My favorite moments are when guests channel June when she isn't there, especially Jason. I love this show and listen to it on my commute to work every week. I usually have my car's audio faded to the rear so I can tune out my children's music. This means that when I listen to the podcast, Paul, June, and Jason sound like they are riding in the back of my SUV, arguing over shitty movies. I love that they ride with me to work every day. I have a good friend at work with a similar sense of humor that likes similar movies. He is a science fiction lover and has spoken at length about Highlander. I made the mistake of introducing him to this podcast with the Highlander episode, thinking that it would be a great window into this podcast. Instead, the discussion about the definition of a highlander made him so upset, that he has refused to listen to this podcast ever again. TTP
  7. TechTheatreProf

    Episode 189.5 - Minisode 189.5

    You wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin. You win. Yay! (To the classic HDTGM C&O winner ditty)
  8. The shrunken animals plan was unevenly executed. I am pretty sure there were full sized cows in the space ark as SC gets onboard. So were some of the animals shrunk, but not others? I don't get how this was supposed to work. Also, I thought for a second that PP was going to kill all of the animals when she pushed the button to release all of the animal pods. What if that button dumped all of the animals out into the atmosphere without parachutes, thus dropping them all to their doom? This would have been fitting with the rest of the film as none of the other collateral damage is a concern to our lead characters, so why would they care about a couple hundred pairs of miniature/normal sized animals.
  9. On the podcast it was brought up that Sky Captain is a complete dumb-dumb. The best example of this is in the "dynamite room" when he tries to use dynamite to blow open the door to escape from the other dynamite that is about to blow the entire room to smithereens. Luckily, not-Sallah arrives just in time to open the door and let them out before the room explodes. They run and are able to make it out of the blast zone unharmed. There is one gigantic blast, not two blasts; one for SC's escape blast and another for the room blast. This means that SC's plan would have blown them up completely, either he timed his fuse wrong and set it to blow at the same time or after the room blast OR his blast set off the rest of the dynamite in the room. Either way his plan was clearly not going to work. I understand that he had limited options, but this terrible plan was doomed from the start.
  10. I also assume that war planes and flying in general were still relatively new in the late 30s, that a flying ace with no super powers was pretty exciting for audiences at the time. What heroes of comics or radio had super powers at that time? I know that Superman debuts in 1938, which would have been around the time this film is set, but were super powers a new idea at the time. None of this means that a 2000s audience would find a simple fighter pilot, and a dim one at that, to be particularly exciting or interesting enough to create an entire film around him. It goes back to a point that was made a few times in the podcast that this might have been better at a short.
  11. TechTheatreProf

    Episode 167.5 - Minisode 167.5

    Blowing up a blow-up doll with a bazooka is complete nonsense, it is like a 12 year-old wrote some of this. TTP
  12. TechTheatreProf

    Episode 167.5 - Minisode 167.5

    When you are too busy playing catch to put down your machine gun. I will just leave this here. TTP
  13. TechTheatreProf

    Episode 167.5 - Minisode 167.5

    Watching Hard Ticket to Hawaii and there are a LOT more boobs than there were in Chopping Mall. This film takes the locker room mall scene and ramps it up to a topless jacuzzi needless exposition scene. It also has a "government agent" that is so untrained that she throws her nunchucks at a gunman. Later a henchman performs "surveillance" by riding a skateboard on his hands down a hilly two-lane road past the two "heros", it is super bizarre. TTP
  14. TechTheatreProf

    Episode 167.5 - Minisode 167.5

    Paul played the trailer for our next assignment and the voice over uses the line, "The tantalizing wetness of the blue Pacific". How pervy is that? I feel like the Pacific should file a restraining order against the scriptwriter and the voice actor who did the trailer. Maybe the director of the Chopping Mall had a hand in its creation.... I just discovered this podcast a month ago and I heart it so. TTP