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  1. I’ve never felt compelled to post on a message board half way through a film. I need someone break this down for me because I can’t follow what’s going on, it’s making me feel angry, it’s not Meant to, and I don’t care anymore; I just want it to end. I can’t stop it. I’m fully committed. Best case scenario Infall asleep and forget about it when I wake up tomorrow. It’s written as a supernatural mystery “thriller”, acted like a soap opera, lit and shot like a Lifetime movie. Jaime Dornan, Aaron Paul, Molly Parker, Oliver Plat, and the director of Piranha 3-D. IMDB: The story begins on Louis Drax's 9th birthday, when a lifetime of curious mishaps culminates in the boy's near-fatal fall. Desperate to reveal the strange circumstances behind the young boy's accident and dark coincidences that have plagued his entire life, Dr. Allan Pascal (Dornan) is drawn into a thrilling mystery that explores the nature of the sixth sense, testing the boundaries of fantasy and reality.
  2. LuxuryLoaf

    Hard Target (1993)

    How has THIS not been made into a podcast episode!? This is BY FAR the most HDTGM-able movie in the early JCVD canon. I had not seen it until this weekend and I was laughing the entire way through having an imaginary HDTGM play in my head as I watched. I could go on explaining why you should cover this movie, but I'll let a clip speak for itself.
  3. LuxuryLoaf

    My Demon Lover (1987)

    Hi HDTGM, You've been knocking it out of the park recently, and it's hitting very close to home. "My Step Mother is an Alien" was a favorite of mine as a kid. No joke! I was watching it on cable a week before your show came out and was laughing thinking, "this would make a great HDGTM episode." A few months before that I watched the "The Raif" and thought the same thing. Other funny coincidence: I collected Garbage Pail Kids trading cards as a kid, and remember being disappointed and grossed out by the movie. My best friend had a poster of JCVD doing the splits from "Time Cop" in his bed room in high school. A 16 year old boy with a bedroom poster of JCVD's perky buns doing a split on kitchen counters! https://mail.google.com/mail/e/1f602 We teased him to no end. Oh yeah, and I also had the exact same Garfield phone you got in this mail this week for the mini episode in my room as a kid. The signs were too many to ignore, so after years of listening I'm submitting my first film for your consideration. I have no doubt it would make for a great HDTGM Halloween episode. When I was a kid in Mexico (80's and 90's) we had a huge old-school satellite dish at the house, and it was my window to American movies and TV shows. A lot of the wonderfully bad movies you guys have covered on the podcast were beamed into my house straight from space. One of them made such a strong impression on me, that I would spend the next 20 years of my life searching for it. For the longest time I didn't even know the title, but just remembered a few key disturbing images. Aside from the creepy feelings that it gave my pre-adolescent self, all I could remember for years was this version of the plot: A man is cursed so that every time he became sexually aroused he would transform into a full-on demon monster! It wasn't necessarily scary; it was actually very campy and PG13 in nature. Anyway, every time the main character transforms, he becomes a stronger and more powerful demon (all the while he's still an insecure 90's street performer trying to get a girl.) the movie culminates with (and this was burned in my mind since the age of about 11) the demon guy's girlfriend being kidnapped and taken to a castle (in the middle of a city). The demon guy knows there's only one way to save his girl: so he does what anyone else would do and starts fucking the girl's best friend on a field by the castle. He transforms into his most powerful iteration of his demon-self, defeats some villain and saves the girl. You know, your basic romantic comedy horror fantasy story. Just think about it: a messed up rom-com where women get into bed with a normal guy and all of a sudden they're having sex with disturbing prosthetic makeup creatures. It was particularly confusing as a young viewer because it gave me a confusing mix of peaking my interest about sex, then hitting me with a Garbage-Pail-Kids-sick-in-your-stomach-feeling. Yup. It was messed up and disturbing, all the while trying to be witty and accessible. For years any time I met anyone who loved obscure movies at a party or work; I would tell them that synopsis and they would stare at me blankly and walk away. Cut-to a couple of years ago, David Letterman was going off the air. I felt nostalgic and started IMDB-ing people from his show. Larry "Bud" Melman came to mind. And when I looked at his IMDB one title stood out: "My Demon Lover" from 1987. I clicked on the thumbnail, and my 20+ year question was finally answered! It's definitely worth checking out. It seems to have had a descent budget, ok performances, and it looks good in terms of production for the time. But the script, subject matter, and some of the choices make for a bizarre viewing experience. It also has a lot of faces you'll recognize from TV and movies of that era. It has a 4.6, IMDB, 46% on rotten tomatoes, but suprisingly, 4.5 stars on Amazon, so you'll have some good second opinions. It's available on google play, Amazon, YouTube, and iTunes. Here's the trailer: The way they tried to promote it is insane too. It barely scratches the surface of the demon-make ups they eventually get into. Here's the IMDB http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0093589/ Here's a clip that better captures the tone of the film: Google Synopsis https://mail.google.com/mail/e/1f602: "A street drifter (Scott Valentine) turns into a monster every time he tries to make friends with a girl (Michelle Little)." Love, A.C. from ATX