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  1. If you're of the handful of people thinking of making a great Comedy Bang! Bang! episode, you should know how to start it out. "First you take a piece of cheese..." Reference is an old Kraft cheese commercial where some twerp is trying to explain how cheese is made. Never-you-mind the word "cheese" doesn't appear on the wrapper anymore. Just don't look behind the "cheese" curtain and it'll be ok. I have a history with this one - it doesn't matter what it is, but my buddies and I have to start every explanation with, "First you take a piece if cheese". Try this at home!
  2. "Welcome to Comedy Gang-Bang, the show where we beat you off with a schtick." Take my joke - write around it - I don't care - It won't see the light of day otherwise. -kraftyDevil
  3. Welcome to the show where we confront interesting people with uninteresting catchphrases.
  4. I don't care how you climb it - it's STILL a long way to the top even if you DON'T wanna rock 'n' roll!