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  1. "Sit on my dick and drown me in milk", said Jolly Saint Nick to his naughty elf milf
  2. Polly wanna Cracker. No bigger dick'll have her
  3. I'm really liking that snowball's chances ever since hell froze over
  4. Are you shitting fucking me or just fucking shitting me?
  5. When the splooge from some guy hits you right in the eye – that's conjunctivitis
  6. The sound of one butt cheek clapping in the forest
  7. Reference: A Kiss From A Rose
  8. If you're of the handful of people thinking of making a great Comedy Bang! Bang! episode, you should know how to start it out. "First you take a piece of cheese..." Reference is an old Kraft cheese commercial where some twerp is trying to explain how cheese is made. Never-you-mind the word "cheese" doesn't appear on the wrapper anymore. Just don't look behind the "cheese" curtain and it'll be ok. I have a history with this one - it doesn't matter what it is, but my buddies and I have to start every explanation with, "First you take a piece if cheese". Try this at home!
  9. "Welcome to Comedy Gang-Bang, the show where we beat you off with a schtick." Take my joke - write around it - I don't care - It won't see the light of day otherwise. -kraftyDevil
  10. Welcome to the show where we confront interesting people with uninteresting catchphrases.
  11. I don't care how you climb it - it's STILL a long way to the top even if you DON'T wanna rock 'n' roll!