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    Episode 170 - Bratz

    As for Dylan, I felt like we were watching the origin story for a Daredevil villain. Think about it. Both are missing one of their senses. Daredevil is blind, Dylan is deaf. But both have miraculous abilities to feel the vibrations around them to make up for the deficiency. Daredevil uses them like radar to give him sight. Dylan uses them to listen to music, even to compose it by "spinning", which is apparently just making wiki-wa noises at random intervals. I imagine Dylan and his gang could blare 15 seconds of various songs at a time, including spinning some of them, but jumping from one song to the next like the movie. The constant musical score change wouldn't allow Daredevil's sonar to adapt, rendering his "vision" impaired. Then they could.... I was going to elaborate further, but I need to get started on this screenplay immediately.
  2. Preheat to Fahrenheit 451

    Episode 170 - Bratz

    So Yasmin gets shoes from Bubbie in exchange for chocolates. I find it hard to believe that sniping a couple of chocolates from an unmanned candy dish is harder for Bubbie than whatever the hell she's doing to get those shoes, but whatever, I'm a team player. I'll play along. But each time Bubbie takes the chocolates and tucks them... in her bra? Aren't those chocolates and her bra just going to be a sticky disgusting mess inside of 5 minutes? #putherinabra