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    Episode 199 - A Night In Heaven: LIVE!

    I am not sure of the pre-edited length, but Paul comments that this is the longest episode. He clearly forgets the marathon that was View to a Kill coming in at 1 hour 56 minutes, almost 10 minutes longer than A Night in Heaven. Or maybe his mind separates View to a Kill into two podcasts; one about the movie, the other about the butterfly dance sequence.
  2. davidbreeze

    Episode 041: A View To A Kill with Kumail Nanjiani

    I can only assume the title of the proposed Fast and the Furious podcast will be called The Fast and the Famished. Also, is it possible that Hello from the Magic Tavern is making the rounds at Earwolf and everyone is picking Chunt the Badger's "Aw, yeah baby!"?