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    Yeah, I actually got most of my celeb trivia from a hole in the ground that somebody had covered with a rock, I guess to either keep people out or keep bugs in, but in either case I can now keep up with most of their references, except when Sean goes off on his supergeek rants about obscure bands.
  2. A_Particular_Knee


    Quentin Tarantino worked in a video store. Did you know that? He's actually like a real fan of cinema. I think Robin Williams worked at a truck stop selling pre-peeled oranges. Ooh, wouldn't this be a great idea for a podcast? We can talk about Hollywood Insider-type stuff and dish on gossip about celebs, and then gradually abandon that concept and it's just without direction or structure and we're also being funny.
  3. Popeye 2 - Popeye does mostly the same things but still is Robin Williams and Olive Oil is what she sounds like. Mister Doubtfire - Robin Williams dresses like a lady again to impress his kids, but has to convince them he's not Misses Doubtfire because of what happened last time and him and Sally Fields keep accidentally getting divorced almost non-stop throughout the movie. Little Trouble in Big China - Robin Williams.
  4. A_Particular_Knee

    Can I just say...?

    Ok, so can I just say, these days all the Hollywood goss is about taking a knee. Well I've been a knee since before it was a popular thing to be/take/have, and I don't want people thinking I'm some sort of activist committing one way or another on racial descrimination. So just that, and, hey, The Boys, could you explain what a backslash is? Much thanks!
  5. A_Particular_Knee

    So is it too late for me to start listening to the show?

    So are you guys not allowed to listen to any new ones that come out since it's over already? Just asking out of curiosity since it seems like I was just a fan of Serial this whole time and have no reason to post here. Unless you want to talk about Serial. Do you think that boy did murder on that girl? I think no because he said it and why would he lie about something like doing murders?
  6. A_Particular_Knee

    So is it too late for me to start listening to the show?

    Damn it, then what have I been listening to for the last couple of weeks? Must have been Serial.
  7. I hope not, because I've already started, and I don't want to be in violation of any rules or statutes. For what it's worth, I did start listening before the final episode, so hopefully that clears me to listen to any episodes subsequent to the finale. Sorry in advance for the delay in finding the show.