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  1. GeneralPattonOswaldCoblepot


    Or “Ehhhh wrong” Kevin please get on this or I’ll have to start making bootleg shirts
  2. GeneralPattonOswaldCoblepot


    I would absolutely buy that shirt
  3. I’m still trying to get Michael Scott’s mark off Kulap’s arm but it’s really on there.
  4. GeneralPattonOswaldCoblepot


    Why is there no “Hurt people hurt people” shirt maybe a shirt on the front saying dr. Frankenstein and on the back Frankenstein’s monster with pictures. Or a shirt showing the front page of the Hollywood Handbook comic book. You guys are getting robbed marketing wise.
  5. GeneralPattonOswaldCoblepot

    Episode 248 - Triumph At Comic-Con

    Why is this audience so stuffy? Even if you don't know who Sean and Hayes are (sucks for you) it's a roast of comic characters and it's all in good fun. Get a free voucher for a sense of humor...
  6. Crime shows should be looking for dessert, because the proof is in the pudding, and justice tastes so good.
  7. Funnier than kiss kiss, more singing than chiddy chiddy.
  8. Hey Schrödinger, if you had ever actually put a cat in a box you would know it's easy to tell if it's alive or dead because it won't shut up.
  9. Casey's at the plate. The crack of the bat. Fair ball, touch 'em all. Go Mudville!
  10. Fighting never solved anything except: a boxing match, karate tournaments, wrestling matches, UFC fights, debate competitions... Fighting solves a lot
  11. I ordered a code red to make my friend Amber alert. Too bad she's defcon 1...
  12. My ghoul-friend is a real whore, she calls everyone boo.