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    Red Lights (2012)

    Just finished this movie on Netflix (only took 4 viewing sessions over 2 days) and came here immediately to make sure I'm not an idiot who missed something. The bulk of my gripes have already been stated by you lovely folks years ago in this thread, but I'd like to add that this movie felt to me like it was written by Charlie and Mac from IASIP emulating Shyamalan (or maybe just prompted by them to a fellow of SE Asian descent). If this ever gets done on the podcast I think Chelsea Peretti would be the perfect paranormal expert to cohost. Somehow, this movie was fairly watchable due to the mix of not knowing what was happening and having a pretty good idea of what was going to happen next. Five star cast/ five turd execution.
  2. jbop

    Episode 177.5 - Minisode 177.5

    Seems to me the obvious choice of who to fight in the Expendables is Stallone. He's nearly 3,000 years old and the most likely to have a heart attack if his adrenaline got pumping.
  3. I was hoping Paul and the gang would have come across the following article in their research leading up the fight: http://fightland.vic...eal-bruce-leroy It details the strange experience of a professional MMA fighter with the nickname "Bruce Leeroy" living and training with Taimak a few years back. Definitely worth a quick read.