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    i hate to call out the boys on this, but i can think of one person that famously banked and was very successful: tim duncan
  2. the ostrich

    Survivor Season 36: MEGATHREAD

    i've got a great feeling about my randomly selected team for this week and the week of april 9th specifically. MARK MY WORDS!
  3. the ostrich

    Episode 229 - Anders Holm, Our Close Friend Again

    i played soccer in high school with a guy named anders, and opposing announcers would always say "ann-ders" during lineup introductions. i hope anders holm wasn't subjected to the same kind of torment in high school.
  4. ah, a simpler time when every single musclebound hollywood male was 'roided out of their mind
  5. how long would it be if you tied them all together?
  6. the ostrich

    Pro Version: THE SURPRISE

    i need to win this competition, and, luckily, i'm a total math whiz. first, you have to take the ratio of the sample size that we're provided and estimate, given the ratio, of how many proportions of the ratio could fit on the display. so, it's a lot of math!
  7. good posts this week, lads. expect an envelope in your mailbox later this week.
  8. sometimes, i like to pretend that when hayes and sean say "the office," they're actually saying my username
  9. the ostrich

    Survivor Season 36: MEGATHREAD

    big shout out to RNG for my list. Challenge Beast: Chris Noble The Strategist: Brendan Shapiro The Black Widow: Desiree Afuye The Cutthroat: Stephanie Johnson The Old Schooler/ Loyalist: Sebastian Noel Under The Radar: Chelsea Townsend Wildcard: Libby Vincek Bench Player: Wendell Holland (my only non-RNG pick, simply because I like the name Wendell) Final 3: Stephanie Johnson, James Lin, Domenick Abbate Winner: Domenick Abbate
  10. the ostrich

    Hollywood Handbook Live in Chicago 31. May-Who going?

    oh dang, i just saw the second show and it wasn't sold out yet. that seems weird, considering how quickly the first one did. but i'm gonna be there and i am excited!!!!!
  11. the ostrich

    Hollywood Handbook Live in Chicago 31. May-Who going?

    i don't suppose any of y'all are ticket scalpers and bought extras
  12. the ostrich

    Hollywood Handbook Live in Chicago 31. May-Who going?

    just called the box office and they said it sold out very quickly. bummerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  13. the ostrich

    Hollywood Handbook Live in Chicago 31. May-Who going?

    wait did it sell out already? no tickets on second city's website
  14. the ostrich

    Pro Version : After Dark

    sounds like you've got some serious seepage problems, henry.
  15. the ostrich

    26 - Murmur

    D A L T O N !
  16. the ostrich

    Hollywood Handbook Los Angeles Show

    dam. i've always wanted a reason to take a one day trip to LA
  17. the ostrich

    Pro Version : After Dark

    dang it, urinalcake, i've got a KILLER description for a pro version episode
  18. the ostrich

    Master Class Season 2 guest wishlist

    let's stick with the antagonizing guests and go with tom scharpling
  19. the ostrich

    Episode 227 - Claudia O'Doherty, Our Close Friend

    sounds like the dinner theme will be the yeast of our problems come sunday evening
  20. the ostrich

    Episode 227 - Claudia O'Doherty, Our Close Friend

    oh yes, an episode with musical cues. sean is extra scampish today and not a sweetie as usual.
  21. the ostrich

    about to make the jump!

    reddit? more like ridic(ulous)
  22. the ostrich

    25 - Chronic Town

    DALTON! Can you hear me? Can you feel me?
  23. the ostrich

    Pro Version: R U Talking R.E.M. are E Me?

    i really appreciate the boys giving us scoop troopers the day off as they analyze rapid eye movement.
  24. the ostrich

    Episode 226 - Tom Scharpling, Our Third Host

    "I got a good feeling about this one," I say as I'm tasting an award-winning chili in a chili cook-off, while also thinking about this episode.
  25. the ostrich

    Episode 225 - Ryan Gaul, Our Close Friend

    i never was a fan of the super glossy/shiny aesthetic that was all over microsoft's products in the late 00's and early 10's.