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  1. should i use the dyson or the hoover for our jam session today? and don't say use the bissell because i stopped using them after it got unplugged during my last stage dive because the cord was too short. for my cover song, i'm choosing "ridin dirty" by chamillionaire because i heard it again the other day and i can't get it out of my head, as kylie minogue once said. actually no, "can't get you out of my head" by kylie minogue is my song choice. my original piece is titled "Honey, The Baby Spilled Dry Cheerios (On The Living Room Carpet) – Extended VIP Mix" and it features an extended spoken-word opening that i'm sure one of you all will do splendidly with.
  2. also H1N1 is my main influenza.
  3. i play the vacuum and kevin shields is my main influence.
  4. did hayes and sean get their own shoe yet? we need an update on the earwolf shoe saga.
  5. ugh, i hate it how much of a fake fan of music brett is! thank GOODNESS the boyz are in the business of exposing phonies!
  6. the ostrich

    Episode 213 - Jimmy Pardo, Our Close Friend

    i can "pard"-ly wait to listen to this e-"pard"-sode
  7. the ostrich

    Brandon Wardell's new podcast...

    hahahaha, i'm very confused/curious as to why they thought the phrase "speak on that" was a black cultural thing. i guess we'll never know.
  8. the ostrich

    Brandon Wardell's new podcast...

    wasn't brandon on HH about a year ago? he's got a goofy laugh
  9. it's time to stop making weapons of mass destruction and focus our energies on methods of trash reduction.
  10. the ostrich

    Sean and Ric

    sean seems to think ric's vocal hole is by his left nipple. as a person that once watched a 10-minute supercut of ric flair wwe highlights, i can confirm his vocal hole is at his mouth and NOT his left nipple!
  11. the ostrich

    Episode 517 - Aha Moments with The National

    i liked the part when scott mispronounced sufjan stevens and no one noticed it
  12. the ostrich

    Episode 211 - Jon Bass, Our Close Friend

    this john guy sounds like a real drag on set!