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    Episode 190 - Hurricane Heist: LIVE!

    BTW, is Paul still salty about that hdtgm.com that some a-hole is siting on? His Ben & Jerry's commercial spot seems to indicate so
  2. Howibetyourmother

    Episode 190 - Hurricane Heist: LIVE!

    Yes! It even has the whole (SPOILER ALERT) trope of thinking the Sheriff is a good guy, and he turns mid-movie! Man, Christian Slater was a plucky hero, wasn't he?
  3. Howibetyourmother

    Episode 190 - Hurricane Heist: LIVE!

    One more thing, and please, check my math on this one: I remember reading an article (found the link, here) saying that a 4 ft. high palette of $100 bills would be about $100 million, meaning that each 4 ft high palette can hold about 1 million bills. In the vault scene, Maggie (not the audience member) walks by what I am conservatively calling 45 palettes, each a bit higher than 4 ft, but let's call it 4 ft for ease of calculations. I paused, rewound, and counted several times, but 45 is about right. Presumably, the thieves are here to steal ALL of the palettes, since they're "letting the money pile up." If that's the case, they're about to steal a lot more than $600 million. Here we go: There's no way to tell exactly what denomination they all are, but we can assume that they are about as distributed as the currency in circulation, which are as follows: (infographic link) $1- 30% $2- 3% $5- 7% $10- 5% $20- 22% $50- 4% $100- 29% so, if there are approx. 45 palettes, then there are about 45 million bills, distributed as above. The breakdown: $1- 30% = 13.5 million bills = $13.5 M $2- 3% = 1.35 million bills = $2.7 M $5- 7% = 3.15 million bills = $15.75 M $10- 5% = 2.25 million bills = $22.5 M $20- 22% = 9.9 million bills = $198 M $50- 4% = 1.8 million bills = $90 M $100- 29% = 13.05 million bills = $1.305 B for an estimated grand total of $1,647,450,000.
  4. Howibetyourmother

    Episode 190 - Hurricane Heist: LIVE!

    I would like to point out one small, but irritating problem with the reality of this film. Ok, sentient storms? I'm on board. Supercar? sure, whatever. Single central processing center for every trash bill in the country? Fine. What I absolutely refuse to believe is that the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that he has packed in that little console compartment are in any way still resembling a sandwich. Anyone who has every packed a PB & J for a lunch or a picnic knows that you have about 3-4 hrs maximum before that sandwich turns into a sloppy, sticky mess. There was not even a blotch of red on those spotless sandwiches they ate. When the action of the movie began, the tank had been on the road for some time already. Even if he had made them in the morning, they would be piles of mush by the time they got to it (dusk). I also think those sandwiches were made WELL in advance, since every one of them is labeled for a different day of the week. They eat the "MONDAY" and "TUESDAY" sandwiches, but this scenario is presumably playing out just before or on the weekend, since the criminals had been "letting the money pile up all week."That means that worst case scenario, these sandwiches are last week's sandwiches, which he has forgotten about and left in the console, or best case scenario, all this takes place on a Sunday, and he's already eaten today's sandwich, and the Monday and Tuesday are ready to go, but that would mean that he had to make them at LEAST the previous night, which would still leave those sammies a big pile of mess. Furthermore, here's some more questions for the group: Why does he label the sandwiches if they're all peanut butter and jelly? Why is his daily food ration one PB&J sandwich? That can't be enough calories for an adult human. Even if he does label them all, why does he write out the full name of each day? the handwriting looks shaky, like he had trouble doing it, and he seems to have a lot of them on hand, so he struggled through the full name of each day? I don't trust this synoptic meteorologist
  5. Howibetyourmother

    Return to Oz (1985)

    Holy god, what a BONKERS movie! I just watched this last night for the first time in my life, and this would be an amazing subject for the show! Here's just a few reasons: 1) Markedly younger-looking Dorothy is nearly immediately imprisoned in an insane asylum 2) Nearly subjected to electroshock therapy 3) drowns another girl without remorse. if you think I just spoiled this movie, THAT IS ONLY THE FIRST 10 MINUTES. Please, please, PLEASE. This one.
  6. Howibetyourmother

    Episode 175 - Ultraviolet: LIVE!

    90s-era Disney's Darkwing Duck, maybe?
  7. Howibetyourmother

    Episode 175 - Ultraviolet: LIVE!

    I thought it would've been a more major theme, too, since they introduced the idea in the first scene! After she gains access to the room where she grabs the magic backpack, there are guards in the room who carry what looks like the police baton from Demolition Man on steroids. They're only used in that scene and then abandoned for the rest of the movie for blood-spraying bullets and knives and swords, and at one point, just flinging blood at someone.
  8. Howibetyourmother

    Episode 175 - Ultraviolet: LIVE!

    Not sure if this is a correction or omission, but I have a valid question: Why is it that in this world where everyone is so afraid to be touched by the smallest amount of blood, the majority of their weaponry (almost all of it) causes MASSIVE amounts of blood to be spilled? Any blood spatter analyst can tell you that even when a GSW has no corresponding exit wound, a significant amount of blood is sprayed into the surrounding air. In this world, using a gun on a Hemophage without the use of full biohazard suits would be a nightmare of contamination. In the first scene alone, when the hemophages infiltrate the blood supply, their bodies are riddled with bullets in the middle of a circle at point-blank range. Their blood spray would have covered everything in that room, and even if the SWAT team was wearing protective gear, which you could make the argument that they are, the "detectives" (? lack of a better word) have their faces completely uncovered! Why? did we need to see their faces? Are they important to the story later on? Nope.