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    Fighting (2009)

    Created account to suggest this movie. Channing Tatum genuinely seems handicapped when trying to flirt with the love interest. It seems like a movie that tries to pay homage to New York, but does it in a half ass way. The musical score sounds like they downloaded a few Soundcloud.com generic beats for as cheap as possible, and the most respectable actor in the film, Terrence Howard, sounds like he is trying to do a New York Jew accent. As a huge MMA fan, and a huge fan of Lionheart (which like the previous poster mentioned, this definitely borrows from) the fight scenes were terrible and nonsensical in ways. He is accepted as this savage fighter he does not show any fighting skills for the first 4 fights of the film but still somehow climbs up the ladder. This movie has 0 redeeming qualities and would be hilarious to hear the gang talk about.