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    Mother Plugger

    A classic song of the ol' West.... Partner
  2. chrystina

    Mother Plugger

    Well aaalright
  3. chrystina

    Mother Plugger

    Thank you!
  4. chrystina

    New Closing Up the Plug Bag theme

    This is exceptional
  5. Ok maybe now it is actually semi-appropriate.
  6. It's October, which is essentially Christmastime! Please enjoy this original carol https://soundcloud.com/chrystieorlando/the-thing-that-i-would-like-for-christmas-is-plugs/s-YUOXr
  7. Ok maybe this is a little more relevant now.
  8. Gimme that plug! https://soundcloud.c...er-font/s-F5f3a
  9. https://soundcloud.c...is-plug/s-gadYx
  10. chrystina

    Want Your Plugs (Tonight)

    The extended mix (for everyone's DJ sets): https://soundcloud.com/chrystieorlando/want-your-plugs-tonight-by-chrystina-orlando-i-guess-maybe-anthony-santo-in-smaller-font/s-F5f3a
  11. Hey baby! Gimme that plug! https://soundcloud.c...er-font/s-OKv4Y
  12. chrystina

    A Boy Named Trent

    I laughed my ass off