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    Starcrash (1979)

    This movie is straight-up bonkers and really deserves a thorough look at. It has everything -awful FXs: the ships are blatantly made with aerosol cans and lego peices painted silver/gray and claymation that wouldve looked terrible in the 50s -cheap bobo Star Wars script -cheap bobo Star Wars soundtrack -David Hasselhoff -some of the weirest one liners ever ("I'd say its red hot potatoes for small time smugglers like us" "Time for a little robot chauvinism") -the worst Deus Ex Machinas (yes, multiple) thrown in when the plot is painted into a corner -Christopher Plummer being paid by the minute (he takes a 5 line monolouge and makes it last 10 minutes) -directed by Canon Films mainstay Luigi Cozzi -$4 MILLION budget that was likely only spent on cocaine