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    Episode 136 - The Best of 2017

    Great show this week! This was a toss-up between Get Out and Ladybird for me, but in the end my vote goes to Get Out. I definitely feel that it's cultural impact and relevance in today's racial climate are reason enough to secure it's place in the Canon, and placed next to the other films listed, I am confident that it is the correct choice. Star Wars was fantastic, and to me, the best in the new series hands-down. That said, it's many glaring flaws in the script keep it far-far-away from being the "best of 2017" Florida was wonderful. In all honesty though, it's difficult for me to vote for it as I was one of a whopping two people in the theater that day, and my own idea of the Canon includes movies that people have seen... Lastly, mother! does not get my vote because, despite it's undeniably provocative nature, I simply do not care for it.