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  1. I have a theory about the different amounts of hair that the Cats had.

    If the whole point of this movie, if you can call it that, is for the cats to win the right to die, and then be reincarnated into a better life, maybe the amount of hair the cats had is to signify that they were the "Feline Death Champion of 1996" or whatever year they did it, and the extra patches of hair is used like the star whenever a national football team wins the FIFA World Cup.  So, you had some cats that barely had any, and then you had others that had died a bunch of times, which would also explain why it fit so well, they're not wearing hair that was taken from other cats, it's hair they won for being so good at dying.

    That being said, I hate cats, and I hate musicals, so I didn't watch the movie, and I might be wrong.

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  2. What the film doesn't tell you, is that if Edge would have been arrested for his crime, he'd have had to go to Wrestlers' Court.

    What is Wrestlers' Court?  Well, I'm glad you asked, Timothy. 

    Wrestlers' Court was an arbitration process in the wrestling business, set up by "Dirty" Dutch Mantell to settle disputes between wrestlers, so that the promoters didn't have to get involved.  In WWE, there was a prosecutor, who would represent "The Locker Room" as a whole, this was the role usually taken on by John "Bradshaw" Layfield, who would bring forth charges against the defendants.  The defendants had the option of hiring another wrestler to act as a lawyer to defend them.  There was a bailiff to keep order, this was usually Kane, because he's massive.  And then there's the Judge, that was usually the most respected man in the locker room, The Undertaker.  Although, others have filled the role, like Triple H.

    So, what would happen is, someone would be summoned to the Court under charges, the prosecution would present the evidence, witnesses would be called, and then The Undertaker would decide whether the defendant was guilty, and what their punishment would be.  However, this court was a corrupt one, and cases have been dismissed thanks to tactical purchases of Jack Daniels, and other gifts.

    Some of the more notable cases were:

    This week's movie's star, Edge, his tag team partner Christian, and WWE writer Brian Gewirtz, for being too friendly.  Edge & Christian were buddying up to Gewirtz for TV time, and Gewirtz was giving them "Better material because they kissed his ass".   Charges were dropped after buying The Undertaker a bottle of Jack Daniels

    Mick Foley and Al Snow were charged for leaving Bob "Hardcore" Holly at the Airport, to go to a funfair.  Foley and Snow had to pay for Hardcore Holly's travel, and Hotel, for a week.

    Teddy Long was accused by The APA (Bradshaw & Faarooq) of "being a cheap motherfucker", by pretending to fall asleep at toll booths, and "Forgetting" his wallet.  He was sentenced to pay for the APA's Chicken & Beer for a month.

    Teddy Long, again, this time for "Procuring Viagra, and selling it for a profit".  I don't know the sentence for this.

    Bill Goldberg, was charged with disrespecting Chris Jericho.  He was sentenced to standing in front of the whole roster, and admitting that Chris Jericho is more talented than he ever will be.

    Melina was charged for "being a bitch".  She was basically made to cry in front of everyone.

    Muhammad Hassan was charged for "disrespecting a veteran", when he told Eddie Guerrero to stop using his finisher, the Camel Clutch.  What Hassan didn't know was Guerrero's father actually invented to move.  Hassan was sentenced to pay the entire roster's bar tab for the evening, which was said to have been over $5000

    The Hardy Boyz, for sitting in Kane's first class seat on a plane, causing Kane to sit in an economy seat.  While Kane was fine with it, The Undertaker believed that the 7' Kane should not be made to squeeze into a coach seat.  The sentence was to prank another wrestler by breaking toothpicks in the locks of his car.

    The Miz, for eating chicken over Chris Benoit's bag.  His sentence was that he was banned from the locker toom, and get changed in the public toilets.

    Simon Dean, for suggesting how a segment could be improved to Roddy Piper, this is a big no-no.  So, he was sentenced to having his bags thrown in the showers.

    Shawn Daivari, for answering back to Shawn Michaels.  He was sentenced to doing 1000 squats with Chris Benoit.

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  3. 9 hours ago, RyanSz said:

    Yeah that's in my top five and it still amazes me that Jim Cornette wasn't even more injured when he fell directly onto his feet from the raised scaffold during the Road Warriors/Midnight Express Scaffold Match. But in all fairness a guy as big as Sid has no business getting anywhere near the turnbuckle to do a jumping maneuver.

    Oh god, that Jim Cornette one.  His telling of the story, when he said that "In a wrestling ring, there's a little give, and you bounce a little, I didn't bounce, and that just made it worse".

    With Sid, that was basically John Laurinitis saying to him "You're our top babyface right now, you need some flashier moves", Sid said "Well, if I'm the top babyface, I must be doing something that's getting me over, so what do I need to do?!" John then pretty much said "I want you to do aerial moves, do that big boot off the second top".  When Sid protested, he was told "Well, if you don't do it, then maybe you don't need to be working here anymore".

    Then we saw what happened.

    Goes to show you how messed up that whole company was, that they were willing to fire the guy who they admitted was their top babyface at the time, because he didn't want to do a move that could, and did, horribly injure him.

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  4. 5 hours ago, RyanSz said:

    Which is fine he feels that way, but when your neck is basically held together by bolts and a prayer, you really need to consider your well being and what your family will live with if the worst happens in the ring.  I mean Edge is a student of the business and has seen what happens to the guys who stick around past their expiration date in the ring. I mean I've met veterans who could barely move after sticking around or had such horrible Parkinson's that their signature was basically a squiggly line, so it was odd to see him make that same choice after basically making as clean an exit as you could in wrestling. I get the WWE wasn't going to give their newest competitor a huge bullet to fire back at them and I like how they've done their best to protect Edge in all of this, but even then wrestling being unpredictable like it is , can always have dangerous outcomes, as shown by Edge's most recent injury.


    Especially when you have Paige, who had to retire from a similar issue aged 25, and they insist that she's never gonna come back, and Edge came back aged 46, every bump he takes makes me wince a little.

    Then again, every time someone jumps off the ropes and lands on their feet, I still cringe because of the Sid Vicious injury.

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  5. 10 minutes ago, RyanSz said:

    If anything Moxley has shown he's horrible with any script given to him, and works better when speaking with a looser leash. His acting performances were all pretty wooden and probably would have been worse than Edge outside of doing more in the fight scenes as he's still in relatively good health. He could have worked as Nada as that rol is really made by the physicality of the character and being able to fire out one-liners which he'd be great for.

    I'm honestly surprised that they were able to get the two matches that they did out of Edge in this most recent run, considering Edge's neck is in such more precarious condition than someone like Daniel Bryan who came back after years of physical therapy and improved brain scans. Though it's understandable considering the matches Edge had were filmed over the course of hours and edited down before broadcast, so they could work at a more even pace than if they were in front of a live crowd.


    Edge basically went to WWE and said "I want to come back, and if you don't want me, then I'm going to AEW, either way, I'm getting back in the ring".

  6. 14 minutes ago, E.Lerner said:

    This question is probably exclusively to Smigg: Would Dean Ambrose/Jon Moxley been a better lead for this? I've not seen any of his film performances, but he struck me as the only choice for Nada if they were going to make They Live with a current wrestler. 

    And it speaks to the movie's tonal confusion that Edge didn't get to do much wrestling or comedy despite being the main character. It was honestly sad seeing him floundering up there as the straight-man; if the movie had actually leaned into being a Fast & Furious spoof, he might have had a chance to flex some of his natural charisma.  


    I think the problem with Edge was that he was too close to a comeback, and probably didn't want to risk aggrevating his injuries, which is why you didn't see too much action from him, and probably shot around him.  But, you're right, he'd have been more suited to a comedic role.

    In terms of them casting a wrestler in the role, maybe someone like the former Wade Barrett.  He's believeable as a tough-guy fighter, but also has that "cool" look about him to fit into the heist genre.  That being said, if June thought Edge was too big, the even bigger Wade Barrett would be even worse for her.


  7. 1 minute ago, RyanSz said:

    Recently re-watched it with friends who have never seen it, but I couldn't find my double movie DVD of it and the first film, so we went to Youtube where someone made a playlist of the movie that was over 30 clips long. It cut out the bullcrap exposition parts of the film like talking about the gerbil balls in the crust of the Earth and Raiden pleading for mercy from the Elder Gods, and is mostly just the fight scenes. Some of the scenes are dubbed over in Russian as well, and it was still a much better viewing experience than watching the original cut.


    My dad managed to fall asleep when we watched it in the cinema.  Goes to show you just how bad it was, a loud-ass movie like that, and it still lulled him to sleep.

  8. 7 hours ago, Blast Hardcheese said:

    Okay, so this explains why the 2:22 live episode hasn't been released yet. Or possibly that movie was a really bad experience all around.

    Maybe this was addressed in Money Plane and also by the gang, but a huge oversight of playing Russian roulette on an airplane is the potential for a bullet to exit the player's skull, go through the plane's fuselage and depressurize the cabin while in flight.

    This episode features yet another great #howdidwegetscheer story to add to the Howdies. Getting MJH to sign Paul's failed math homework was diabolically genius. These stories absolutely need to be catalogued.

    Like Paul, I too have fallen under the spell of matte black finishes on cars. I'm not a car guy by any means, but I have to admit matte black paint jobs on most cars (especially of the classic muscle variety) look pretty damn cool. And, since it was also brought up by Jason (and it's one of my favorite films of all time), the story behind why the police cars in  RoboCop are painted matte black is a happy accident. In this movie, RoboCop is supposed to have his own, Batman-like vehicle called the "Robo-Mobile" (or the "Turbo-Car"). However, when the final product arrived on set, it was met with laughter and abject ridicule from the crew. As the film's director and producers panicked and weighed their options, a then-brand new Ford Taurus drove by. Noting the sedan's rounded features (most car's silhouettes in the 1980's were square and boxy), the Taurus, they felt, looked bold and futuristic enough (again, for the era). They went to a rental car agency to rent a Taurus and dressed for the movie using--you guessed it--matte black paint. The OCP patrol car they created fit the bill, so the production secured a couple more Tauruses for the film. The OCP patrol car has gone on to become a pretty iconic part of this franchise, having appeared in all three original movies. There have been toy cars, model kits of this vehicle and even fan-produced replicas ("cars-players?"--sorry).

    If it turns out he's sitting on Mortal Kombat: Annihilation...


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  9. 3 minutes ago, RyanSz said:

    You mean a guy who paid homeless dudes a pittance to beat the piss outta each other might have been a shrewd thief? Say it ain't so?!

    I watched a "Where are they now" thing about them.  The original two guys who started were arrested in Thailand (I think), for stealing body parts, and then trying to mail them back to the US.

    Just makes you wonder what goes wrong in these people's lives to turn out like that.

  10. 6 minutes ago, RyanSz said:

    You mean the series made by guys involved with Dr. Phil completely jumping the shark as a legitimate therapist?



    Funny thing about that guy in the Dr. Phil interview is, he wasn't one of the creators.  He basically screwed the guys who started it, and took it for himself.

  11. 13 hours ago, Cameron H. said:

    I think it’s safe to say we were all a little disappointed in the games offered on the Money Plane. Out of curiosity, what kind of depraved attractions were you hoping would be featured on board?


    Some suggestions:

    - Russian Roulette Beer Pong.  Same rules as Beer Pong, however, one of the cups is poisoned, first one to die loses.
    - The Crushed Glass Muay Thai fights from Kickboxer.
    - The Landmine Sprint.  Competitors line up at the start, you bet on who will A.) Not Die, and B). Finish the race first.
    . Road Rash.  Sort of like the old video game.  A bunch of people on motorbikes, with the melee weapon of their choosing.  But, instead of a race, they just keep going until there's one left standing
    - Bullfighting.  I don't mean like the they do in Spain, I mean actual fist fighting with the bull.

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  12. When they talk about watching "A man fuck an alligator", I don't think that was supposed to be a bestiality reference, I think they were trying to say that the guy was gonna beat-up the alligator.

    The reason is this promo by MMA fighter, Jeff Monson in the lead up to his fight with Mark Kerr.


    For those with the inability to listen to this, here's the transcript...

    "Jeff Monson here.  You like watching people get FUCKED for free?! Watch me fuck up Mark Kerr for free on DonKingTV (dot) com! LIVE! Saturday September 27th 9pm eastern time LIVE on DonKingTV (dot) com!  I'm gonna fuck him up!  I'm gonna fuck him up! I'm gonna put these hands right around his face, and beat his ass,  You watch us live for free, DonKingTV!"

    So, thats why I think it's about beating up the alligator.

  13. You know something, the more I think about it, the more I think Kelsey Grammer being "The Rumble" is a poorly researched reference.

    Because Kelsey Grammer was Frasier, I think the writer called him "The Rumble" because of "The Rumble in the Jungle", thinking it was Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier, which was "The Thriller in Manila", and not Ali vs. George Foreman.

    Although, if that was the case,I don't want to live in a world where Kelsey Grammer calls himself "The Thriller".

  14. 57 minutes ago, Cameron H. said:


    Since I just brought it up, I also just wanted to say that one of my favorite scene in the entire movie was when Thomas Jane shows up in the middle of the night, waking Man-Bun up from his nightmare, and they have beer together on the veranda beneath a canopy of twinkling fairy lights. I love the idea of Man-Bun eschewing harsh exterior lighting in favor of creating ambiance.)      

    Well, you know something, last year, I bought a Philips Amibilight TV, which is a TV that has lights around the outside which matches what goes on on the screen.  And, if you buy the Philips Hue Smart Bridge, you can connect your houselights to it, so it adds to it all.  

    So it looks sort of like this:


    Since I got that, I'm all about twinkly lights.

    That, and I love Christmas


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  15. 10 hours ago, AdrianFlynn said:

    And he cheated with lita and he blocked me for pointing that out alot

    Edge is a weird one in that respect.

    He was married to Val Venis' sister, and cheated on her with his second wife.  Then he cheated on his second wife, with Lita.  So, when he cheated with Lita, who was engaged to Matt Hardy at the time, and Edge was the one who came out looking the best of everyone.  Hell, Matt Hardy, the one who got cheated on came out of it looking the worst because of his reaction, and ended up getting fired because of it.

    I'll tell you this though, if he cheats on his current wife, Beth Phoenix, there's a pretty good chance that she'd whoop his ass.


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  16. 38 minutes ago, BoBoBlonkers said:

    He won the royal rumble?  Obviously he was able to beat the regular rumble!


    He's not even in the top 5 in the Hierarchy of Rumbles.

    1 - Royal Rumble
    2 - Anthony "Rumble" Johnson
    3 - Michael Buffer's "Let's Get Ready To Rumble" catchphrase.
    4 - The song "Let's Get Ready to Rumble" by PJ & Duncan
    5 - The Rumble in the Jungle, between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman.

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  17. Fun fact about Edge, he has held the most titles in WWE history, holding 31 championships throughout his career.

    4-time WWE Champion
    7-Time World Heavyweight Champion
    5-Time Intercontinental Champion
    United States Champion
    2-Time WWE Tag Team Champion
    12-Time World Tag Team Champion

    On top of that, he has won a Royal Rumble, a King of the Ring, and Money in the Bank.

    I can't think of anyone better to rob a plane.

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  18. Jason is right when he said "Something happened to Thomas Jane", when talking about how he's aged in recent years.  Something DID happen, and we were all complicit in it.  Everyone in the HDTGM universe is responsible.  Paul Scheer, you have a lot to answer for, because you made it worse.

    What happened to Thomas Jane?  THIS HAPPENED!!



    Those god-damned Shit Dicks did this to him.

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  19. Having listened to the episode (the movie isn't out in the UK until September 7th), Kelsey Grammer clearly says "The Rumble", and it takes on a whole new meaning when you consider he said it to Adam Copeland, as we all know is WWE Hall of Famer, Edge (Not to be confused with "The Edge", That's the guitarist for U2).

    Edge retired from the ring in 2011, due to injuries, having broken his neck and the resulting spinal stenosis.

    However, in January of this year... Edge returned,  And, not only did he return, he was a surprise entrant in The Royal Rumble.  So, maybe Kelsey Grammer calling himself "The Rumble" inspired young Adam Copeland to make his trumphant return, and had wrestling fans around the world saying "No, not crying, not anywhere close to it, you're crying!"


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  20. Paul, June, and Jason discuss the 2020 action film Money Plane. They talk about Kelsey Grammer’s performance as The Rumble, not realizing Thomas Jane was in the movie, Joey Lawrence’s hair, the rules of Money Plane, and more.

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