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  1. SeƱor Butt

    Episode 594 - Now It's Time For A Breakdown

    That "breakdown" in the first song was simply fantastic! Filled me with so much joy. And apparently everyone in the studio too. Will Hines is a treasure, and Dan handled it perfectly! C+ bit!
  2. SeƱor Butt

    25 - Chronic Town

    We need Todd Glass on the "New Adventures of Hi Fi" episode where we delve even deeper into his love for Reverb, P.A., and background drummers
  3. SeƱor Butt

    Episode 531 - Atmosphere Bully

    Donā€™t forget his true passion for audio tech. From reverb to background drummers. And his sneaky sound check in the very beginning of this ep. Hahah love it!
  4. SeƱor Butt

    Episode 328 - K.Flay and the Sexy Talk Cafe

    Did I walk into this weird?
  5. SeƱor Butt

    Episode 529 - Am I The What?

    Same problem here. Both on Howl and Stitcher. Delete & re-download didnā€™t help
  6. SeƱor Butt

    Best of 2017 Pt. 4

    If CBB ends, or ol' Scotty D quits as host, I'm going to, to quote PFT: "get very angry". All joking a salad, Thanks for everything during the past 8 years and I will definitely follow whatever you are up to next.