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    Writing, Reading, Walking dogs, Meeting new engaging people, Learning new things.

    I am also attempting to adapt my Twitter novel into screenplay format (https://twitter.com/newsomeaj). Needless to say, it's a work in progress.

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  1. ArthurJNewsome

    Episode 218 - The Big Holiday Party

    I did not care for the attitude of the guests. They seemed hostile and overtly resentful to both Hayes and Davenport. For future episodes, please get guests that are willing to stick to the topics at hand. Thank you. - A
  2. Love the irreverence of this! What a fun spin on the news! The emperor is NOT wearing clothes, and you ladies have the shutzpah to point it out! Love the Trump impressions! You go girls! - A
  3. ArthurJNewsome

    Movie Rec's?

    Here's a tip from the book for anyone who's interested (courtesy of Palmer himself): "Next time you play let your goal be to try and hit it in the hole. It will simultaneously sharpen your focus, and yet free you up to make a swing that is less mechanical or self-consciously driven." Pretty interesting stuff! Also, I realize this book is no a movie, but it could be. and it should be! Okay, take it away with the movie rec's...
  4. ArthurJNewsome

    Movie Rec's?

    By the way I'm listening to the audio book of Arnold Palmer's "A Life Well Played" right now and it is very good. The actor that reads for Arnold Palmer sounds very much like him. May even be him. Kind of slow, but well worth checking out for any of the golf heads out there! - A
  5. ArthurJNewsome

    Movie Rec's?

    Anyone got any good movie rec's? Thanks for your time. - A
  6. Would anyone here be able to give me a quick bullet-points synopsis of this episode? I haven't had computer access for quite a while and I'm trying to catch up with my "podcasts," but would rather not waste time on meandering, pointless episodes like this one, as they tend to stray from screenplay writing tips, which is my main focus. I love "The Boys," but sometimes their industry jargon can be a little bit too alienating. Thanks guys! - A
  7. Hi Gregg, There are certainly some fascinating ideas here that are undoubtedly worth pursuing. Keep up the hard work! Do you write for the movies? Would I be able to send you a copy of my screenplay and get some notes from you? I'm new to screenwriting and could use someone to give me some pointers. Thanks! - A
  8. ArthurJNewsome

    Episode 217 - Listeners, Our Close Friends 4

    Are the hotlines already closed? I have a few questions for Hayes & Davenport. - A