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  1. http://m.imdb.com/title/tt0120889/ This movie is a different brand of terrible. This is the sappy, trying-too-hard, heart-tugging garbage that tries to throw in pinterest-worthy sayings about life every ten minutes. It's a Thomas Kincade screensaver come to life with Robin Williams giving constant cry-face and Cuba Gooding Jr as a god-like figure ballet dancing in the nude and walking on water-- SPOILER: he's really Robin Williams's dead teenage son cosplaying as Cuba Gooding Jr for some reason. Oh, more spoilers, his dead daughter shows up in heaven as an asian flight attendant her dad thought was hot. Plot summary: kids die within the first five minutes, parents sad, dad dies a few years later, mom sad, mom kills her self, dad's in heaven with cuba gooding jr, dad travels to hell where suicided folks go to save mom. Grab your tissues, kids, and get ready to hate your tv. oh, I forgot the dog dies too. it's a feel-good movie!
  2. woweewow

    The Holy Mountain (1973)

    Sure, this might be too surreal for the podcast, but it also might be a fun change of pace? Truly the most insane movie I've ever seen-- I watched it three times in 48 hours because i just couldn't wrap my head around it. The second viewing I decided to get high-- big mistake, LOL. it was too much. Def watch it sober and just go along for the ride. Fun Fact: the main character was supposed to be played by George Harrison of the Beatles but he didn't want to do the anus-washing scene. Apparently this was a deal breaker for the director as he thought the anus-washing scene was crucial to the film, so he went with a unknown actor.
  3. woweewow

    Ratboy (1986)

    *bump!* I registered just to suggest this movie. This one totally mentally scarred me as a child. It didn't help that I knew a kid that totally looked like Ratboy (poor kid). This was one of those movies that for some reason got played way too many times on the cable movie channels. I haven't seen it in probably 20+ yrs but it left a lasting impression. Ratboy truly begs the question "how did this get made????"