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  1. You can also be cruel about this one. I will turn the other cheek.
  2. Just having a loaf at bread's expense.
  3. And I was never an honor student.
  4. This is why we can't have nice breakfasts....
  5. TheAprilFoolsRebel

    Roses are red, / Violets are blue, / Grass is red, / I have deuteranopia.

    To quote Ned Flanders: Take out your crayons and colour me Tickled Pink! Love this one!
  6. Mo monia,mo problems.
  7. TheAprilFoolsRebel

    There's something about Threedom...

    My favourite podcasts are the ones where people are genuinely enjoying themselves, which is why this has become such a favourite of mine. It's not just three amazingly funny and talented people but it's the friendship that's present in every ep. No pressure to do characters or respond to interview questions. Just friends having fun together and talking about life. It sounds like something that shouldn't be so entertaining and yet, it's absolutely fantastic. Thanks for putting this out into the world!
  8. People really, REALLY don't like it. Neither do the animals for that matter.