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  1. Making this statement is why I'm not allowed in Hollywood. Well, ONE reason...
  2. Welcome to the blue hour.
  3. The whole Vax family is really upset.
  4. Sorry - that should be b-holes.
  5. Weep for the cream-filled doughnuts....
  6. TheAprilFoolsRebel

    To Air is Jordan.

    My references are all from yesteryear.
  7. But maybe a little less stalker-y.
  8. It's nuts - well, NOT nuts.
  9. TheAprilFoolsRebel

    Just a spoonful of sugar helps your mom go down.

    That one got me!
  10. Be honest: you're Stone Cold stunned by that one.
  11. Don't stand so close to me - it's COVID times.