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  1. Making this statement is why I'm not allowed in Hollywood. Well, ONE reason...
  2. Welcome to the blue hour.
  3. The whole Vax family is really upset.
  4. TheAprilFoolsRebel

    There's something about Threedom...

    My favourite podcasts are the ones where people are genuinely enjoying themselves, which is why this has become such a favourite of mine. It's not just three amazingly funny and talented people but it's the friendship that's present in every ep. No pressure to do characters or respond to interview questions. Just friends having fun together and talking about life. It sounds like something that shouldn't be so entertaining and yet, it's absolutely fantastic. Thanks for putting this out into the world!
  5. Sorry - that should be b-holes.
  6. Weep for the cream-filled doughnuts....
  7. TheAprilFoolsRebel

    To Air is Jordan.

    My references are all from yesteryear.
  8. But maybe a little less stalker-y.
  9. It's nuts - well, NOT nuts.
  10. TheAprilFoolsRebel

    Just a spoonful of sugar helps your mom go down.

    That one got me!
  11. Be honest: you're Stone Cold stunned by that one.
  12. Don't stand so close to me - it's COVID times.
  13. It's beggining to look a lot like.... line?
  14. Or should I have said C3-POatmeal?