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    Episode 137 - The Hustler (w/ David Scarpa)

    So this was a great episode with a lot of insight from both Amy and David. However, it was really offputting to hear David constantly interject “yeah” every time Amy spoke a sentence. I timed it out and at times while Amy was making a point he would interject a “yeah” every 6-9 seconds. Once I noticed what he was doing it was a huge distraction. It seemed completely unintentional, but it comes off as a bit domineering - as if he is granting his approval to Amy for every single sentence she speaks. He also interrupted her several times while she was in the middle of a sentence, somewhat ironically even while discussing issues of gender and power holding. Maybe it was nerves or maybe it’s just how he interacts with people, but once I noticed it I couldn’t unhear it. So while he made some solid points about a great film, I really think he should learn quietly listen to the other person in a conversation, wait a beat, and then respond. Again, he seems like a smart and friendly guy, but his interjections were just constant.