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  1. I was also curious about when this episode would drop so I asked Paul on Twitter and he said that instead of releasing an episode on Friday the 20th, they'd be releasing this Christmas one on Monday the 23rd.
  2. Two thoughts I had about the scene at the bar. The dancers say they are all going to eat a bunch of fried food. I don't want to perpetuate stereotypes, but do ballerinas eat fried food? I figured fried food would be off limits for them. Secondly, the jerky violin guy brought his violin to the bar with him. Does he always bring his expensive violin to bars or do impromptu violin concerts break out so often that he wants to come prepared?
  3. hotironskillet

    Episode 221. The Hottie and the Nottie

    At one point, Arno, the friend who's in the incestuous relationship with his mom, says to Nate "I have two words for you man: lie." and I thought to myself, well that just sums up the problem with the whole movie. It's so damn stupid, it can't catch a basic error like the difference between one word and two.
  4. Of course, now that you're asking I can't think of any good ones
  5. That's terrible! I am so sorry that they did that to you. I imagine they had never gone through anything similar and didn't have any frame of reference but still.
  6. Her friends were terrible people. Just terrible. They were so damn insensitive to her mother's death. I have a 16 year old son, they don't act that way.
  7. Here are my random thoughts from my notes: As a librarian, I can confidently tell you that there are people out there that do Google searches that are as bad as the "scientific research" search that Duchovney did. I am constantly amazed at what kind of bad search terms people use. IMDB says that this movie takes place in Williamstown, MA, although I think they use a fictitious town name in the movie. Williamstown is a really small town in western MA. Their high school only has about 550 students total but the school depicted in the movie looked much, much bigger than that. And how much time is supposed to have passed in this movie? It's never winter and yet, winter in Western MA goes on for a good chunk of the school year. Finally, the horny guidance counselor shows up for her eye appointment and Duchovney seems surprised to see her, like she didn't have a scheduled appointment. I know my eye doctor doesn't take drop in appointments but maybe Duchovney does. That seems typical of him.
  8. One thing that didn't get brought up and I hoped would was that weird scene where Rebecca Ferguson meets up with Harry Hole at that restaurant, which even though it is closed (as some guy yells to her when she comes in the open door of the closed restaurants), Harry Hole is eating a meal there. Harry Hole asks her if she's hungry and she says she is and he pushes his plate towards her and his sausage is cut up into small pieces. She just looks at it and the camera pans in on the meat and the scene ends. What the hell?
  9. hotironskillet

    Live Shows Not Yet Posted

    I'm starting to think we're never going to hear Van Helsing and Swordfish. There must be some reason they aren't releasing them.
  10. hotironskillet

    Episode 206.5 - Minisode 206.5

    My goodness, Dragon Blade was boring - boring and incomprehensible. They should have cut out half the battle scenes in order to do a little more explanation on what was going on elsewhere in the movie.
  11. hotironskillet

    Live Shows Not Yet Posted

    Don Cheadle, who is in Black Monday with Paul, was in Swordfish but no one in Van Helsing jumps out at me.
  12. hotironskillet

    Episode 206 - Little Italy

    In the beginning of this movie when they are kids, the girl is wearing a red shirt that says Mario on it and the boy is wearing a green shirt. I was sure the green shirt was going to say Luigi on it and it was a nod to Super Mario Bros and I was really disappointed that it wasn't.
  13. I watched this movie with my 16 year old son and a few times while we were watching I referred to Chris Evans' phone as a "cellular" phone until my son finally asked why I kept calling it that. "It's the title of the movie," I said. He said he didn't realize it had anything to do with the phone and thought the cellular part was going to have something to do with her being a biology teacher. On a related note, KB says that people at work are going to notice that she isn't there so apparently she was dressed for work that morning. However, she's wearing fishnet stockings. What kind of science/biology teacher wears fishnet stockings to work? What kind of school does she work at?
  14. hotironskillet

    Episode 199 - A Night In Heaven: LIVE!

    This movie would have been 100% better if it had been more about Slick and Rick and less about Lesley Ann and her sad sack husband.
  15. hotironskillet

    Episode 199 - A Night In Heaven: LIVE!

    I'm an academic librarian. This is my bread and butter.
  16. hotironskillet

    Episode 199 - A Night In Heaven: LIVE!

    I didn't find anything written specifically in Psychology Today but male strip clubs do seem to be a focus of research in the 80s. Here are 3 articles I found Male Strippers: Ladies' Night at the Meat Market Invasion of the Male Strippers: Role Alignment in a Small‐Town Strip Club Gender Roles, Sexuality, and the Male Strip Show: The Structuring of Sexual Opportunity
  17. hotironskillet

    Episode 199 - A Night In Heaven: LIVE!

    Jason is quite worked up.
  18. hotironskillet

    Episode 199 - A Night In Heaven: LIVE!

    I am super confused about why Slick was in the shower in Lesley Ann's hotel room at the end. Did Rick invite her there so that Lesley Ann would find them together and it would be an easy way to break it off? Has he even gotten his A in that speech class yet? Or is he just really stupid and decided to invite his fuck buddy over for a romp in a hotel room instead of at his trailer park?
  19. hotironskillet

    Episode 199 - A Night In Heaven: LIVE!

    I have things to say about that scene at the art show. First off, what kind of art show is this? A student art show at the college? If not that, why is Rick even there? If it is a student art show, why would Lesley Ann's sister want to come to it? And what about the guys at the beginning of that scene who say "It's important to go to these events"? Why is it important? What is this event? But what really struck me about the art show scene was how touchy feeling Lesley Ann's husband is with her sister and her with him. Patsy plays with his tie, he puts his arm around her, they lean into each other. They totally look like people who are having an affair. And that wouldn't have been out of place in this movie!
  20. hotironskillet

    Episode 198 - Look Who’s Talking Too: LIVE!

    What I really want to know is why those people didn't let Jason hold their baby? Just for a little while.
  21. hotironskillet

    Episode 198 - Look Who’s Talking Too: LIVE!

    Is that with spermicide? The spermicide is supposed to kill any of those little fuckers that make it past the diaphragm.
  22. hotironskillet

    Episode 198 - Look Who’s Talking Too: LIVE!

    I assumed that was the nanny since they were leaving for work. But if John Travolta has such a low paying job, I think they'd be better off having him be a stay at home dad and not bother with a nanny.
  23. hotironskillet

    Episode 197 - Beastly: LIVE!

    I watched this movie way back at the beginning of July before I went to the show. By the time I went to the show, I'd already forgotten most of the movie because it was so terrible and forgettable. When the episode dropped on Friday I went back to look at my notes to see if I had any insights to share with you guys, only to find I had taken no notes on this movie. I feel a bit like June having totally forgotten this movie immediately after watching it. That being said, this show and this episode were golden. The diarrhea face had me rolling.
  24. I'll be honest, I don't really know much at all about how long eye makeup takes to put on but I really wanted a chance to use "my love."
  25. I've got to disagree, my love. That looked like a rush job at best. His makeup looked so much better at the Incinerator.