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    Episode 147 - The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (w/ Jen Yamato)

    Clear yes on this one. I love every part of Cherbourg, but two things are particularly canon-worthy. First, the use of colour is second to none. Vibrant colour and intricate patterns have been used in so many movies but never more effectively than here. Characters will be wearing clothes that pop against the background in one room, step into another room and remove a layer to give an entirely new palate to the film. Second, I agree with Jen about the ending being one of the greatest in the history of cinematic romance. And speaking of Call Me By Your Name, every time I see it I become more convinced that its ending is influenced by Cherbourg. Although the time line is very different, what is happening is basically the same: former lovers reconnecting and putting on brave faces despite real pain and longing. Completed by the giant, gracefully falling snowflakes enveloping the interactions, the two final scenes provide sober, chilly, melancholic endings to otherwise lush, warm, and sensual films.
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